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*featured image: Linda McBain, Glacial Headwaters

Palazzo Velli, 10  S.Egidio square, Rome
October 26-31, 2021
Opening October 26 2021, from 6pm to 8pm
Curated by      Cat Frampton, Felicity Griffin Clark, Olga Teksheva
Event entered into Rome Art Week


For the first time in Rome, an exhibition completely dedicated to contemporary embroidery, a new experimental textile art, because stitched art is Art: “Stitched Art is Art”.

Surface and Depth will be held in the splendid location of Palazzo Velli, a real creative hub in the heart of Trastevere from October 26 to 31, curated by Cat Frampton, Felicity Griffin Clark, Olga Teksheva, and included in the official calendar of Rome Art Week 2021.

For the second time internationally, after London in 2019, the Society for Embroidered Work – created in 2018 and today boasts 600 selected members in 43 countries – is organizing a group exhibition with international artists specialized in contemporary textile art.

About 70 artists on display, from 13 countries, who freely interpreted the theme of “surface and depth” making embroidery a real sculptural material, as if it were even stone, clearing it from its classic two-dimensional vision, up to pushing it into new frontiers of 3D and perhaps, in the near future, even in 4K.

Giving body to embroidery, finding a new connotation in space, through depth, in a new meaning of being “material”.


Surface and Depth showcases a “new wave” of artists who use the thread as if it were painting or a real sculpture. The “old” idea of ​​embroidery as “decoration” and “craftsmanship” is overturned, revisited and updated by these extraordinary artists who dedicate their research to important social, scientific and environmental issues, transmitting a much deeper meaning to embroidery.

On the occasion of the exhibition on October 30th at 5.00 pm, the presentation of the magazine “Arte Morbida” will be held, with the presence of the publisher Emanuela D’Amico, the only Italian magazine dedicated to contemporary textile art and international Fiber Art.

To access the exhibition, the green pass and the use of a mask are required in compliance with the anticovid regulations in force.



Ailish Henderson,  Alicja Kozlowska, Alison Wake, Anne Kelly, Antje Rook, Assunta Miles, Ausra Merkelyte, Bridget Steel Jessop, Camila Jofre, Carrie Donohoe, Cat Frampton, Christina MacDonald, Clarke Reynolds, Courtney Cox, Dagmar Stap, Deborah Collum, Dionne Swift, Edith Barton, Emma Pannell, Felicity Griffin Clark, Haf Weighton, Harpa Jonsdottir, Heidi Ingram, Helyne Jennings, Imogen Rhodes-Davies, Isabel Greenslade, Jackie Hamilton, Jessica Grady, Jinny Ly, Jolanda Drukker Murray, Josephine Sams, Julia O’Connell, Julie French, Julieanne Long, Karen Byrne, Kim McCormack, Korey Rowswell, Kristine Stattin, Lin Belaunde Morla, Linda McBain Cuyler, Maria Constanza Villareal, Marian Jazmik, Matthew Downham, Michael Sylvan Robinson, Nancy Cole, Nathalie Frost, Olga Teksheva, Philippa Ashcroft, Pippa Hamilton, Rachel Gillard-Jones, Renee Toonen, Rhian Swierat, Rima Day, Rozalie Sherwood, Sarah J. Hull, Sharon Cavalier, Sharon Peoples, Silvia Perramon Rubio, Sue Lancaster, Susan Shafrir, Suzanne Campbell, Sylvie Millen, Violet Shirran, Wolfgang Woerner, Zane Shumeiko, Zelda Cunningham.



Barbara Pavan

English version Sono nata a Monza nel 1969 ma cresciuta in provincia di Biella, terra di filati e tessuti. Mi sono occupata lungamente di arte contemporanea, dopo aver trasformato una passione in una professione. Ho curato mostre, progetti espositivi, manifestazioni culturali, cataloghi e blog tematici, collaborando con associazioni, gallerie, istituzioni pubbliche e private. Da qualche anno la mia attenzione è rivolta prevalentemente verso l’arte tessile e la fiber art, linguaggi contemporanei che assecondano un antico e mai sopito interesse per i tappeti ed i tessuti antichi. Su ARTEMORBIDA voglio raccontare la fiber art italiana, con interviste alle artiste ed agli artisti e recensioni degli eventi e delle mostre legate all’arte tessile sul territorio nazionale.