Susanna Cati: KAIROS

Italiano (Italian)

Projectraum, Kirchengasse 33, Vienna 7
2 – 8 settembre 2021
Opening September 2  2021, at 5:00

KAIROS is a project articulated in seven artworks/containers, each of which contains fragments cut from the space/time of the artist’s life, and seven tapestries/stories, made by layering reflections and observations inspired by KAIROS, here understood in its meaning of tiny correction that promotes a new positive outcome of a phenomenon.

The lockdown anomaly plunged into our lives suddenly at the beginning of 2020 has changed our perception of CHRONOS (the linear time). The 69 days during which time has taken on parameters different from those to which we were accustomed have led the artist beyond this known dimension towards the exploration of KAIROS, a time indefinite in duration but defined by the quality, the thickness, the depth of the events.

The artistic research coincides here with the personal one in a painstaking work of recovery, classification, analysis that draws from his own history: sifting through the memory he identifies every tessera that makes up the complex mosaic. The result of this exercise of deconstruction and reconstruction is declined in the seven chapters of a narrative that investigates the mystery of who we are, balanced between who we have been and who we will become.

Susanna Cati, Siamo tutti immersi in una grande rete, B.Stavel

The exhibition will be open until 8 September 2021. Digital catalog can be consulted and downloaded (Italian, English, German) for free.

Free admission in compliance with current regulations.