T.O.P. Secret

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photo: Daily, 195 x 420 cm, paper, found objects, collage, hand embroidered, copyright Judith Mundwiler

Textile Open Project from Pascale Goldenberg, Gabi Mett und Judith Mundwiler
Textile Collection Max Berk, DE
16.10.2022 – 29.01.2023

Exhibition venue: Textile Collection Max Berk
Brahmsstrasse 8
69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen

Male-Female, 50 x 18 x 25 cm, Loden scraps, sewn by hand, copyright Pascale Goldenberg

The artists Pascale Goldenberg, Gabi Mett and Judith Mundwiler have joined forces to form the Textile Open Project – T.O.P. In this exhibition, they present the results of their collaboration for the first time. The materiality in their works is common to all three artistic positions.

The artists with roots in France, Germany and Switzerland have repeatedly exchanged ideas in recent years. They took part in each other’s ideas and projects and exhibited together. These common time spaces led to the idea of the Textile Open Project (short T.O.P.). This open project allows scope for developments in each individual, is elaborate in many directions, and gives room for innovative thinking and working processes.

The offerings, 50 x 60 x 10 cm, wood, metal, objet trouvé, copyright Pascale Goldenberg

T.O.P. secret

The artists have developed a concept for this exhibition. The concept will not be made public but serves the sole purpose of discussion, cooperation and the development of not only new visual ideas but also unusual exhibition concepts.