Thomas De Falco: TECHNOLOGY (World – Nature)

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photos: Body, 2018, phones with branches and wraps. Artist’s residence, CASCINA I.D.E.A.

CASCINA I.D.E.A. – Via Guglielmo Marconi 26, Agrate Conturbia (NO)
October 2 –  November 28 2021
Opening October 2 2021
Visiting hours by appointment, please write to Mandatory green pass
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The World, 2017, textile sculpture on canvas. Personal exhibition at the Milan Triennale 2017/2018

In the green Piedmont countryside near Novara, Nicoletta Rusconi transformed an old farmhouse into a place for art and experimentation. From 2nd October to 28th November, the space presents Thomas De Falco (1982) Solo show: TECHNOLOGY (World – Nature).

The exhibition arose from a residency program undertaken by the artist at the mansion in June and July 2021. The exhibition explorers the relationship between technology, nature and the world and scrutinizes the changes and influences of technologies on the human lifestyle. The critical text is by Emanuele Coccia, filosofer and e maître de conférences, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, Paris).

Nature, 2017, sculptural tapestry, mixed media with wrapping. Personal exhibition at the Milan Triennale 2017/2018

The ongoing transformation forces every human being to reflect on technological tools and the phenomenon of their pervasiveness. Billions of people today are equipped with smartphones that have become prostheses. There is no longer a distinction between technology and the human body. De Falco’s work highlights the dependence and evolution of technology, emphasizing the bond between nature, technology and home. His research and artistic production focus on woven tapestries inspired by the ancient craft of weaving on an upright loom.

Untitled, 2017, sculptural tapestry with wrapping. Personal exhibition at the Milan Triennale 2017/2018

There is a kind of magic behind the artist’s ability at sewing, the gesture a sort of traditional ballad handed down through the years. The choice of materials such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, hemp or iron conveys to touch and sight the sensation of purity. De Falco manually works with the wrapping technique, an endless multiplication of knots resulting in dense tapestries.

Libro d’artista, 2017. Personal exhibition at the Milan Triennale 2017/2018

This technique is based on the use of wool thistles combined by the artist. Depending on their wrapping, the wool can be spread to vary the thickness and shape of the sculptural surface. This is considered the artist’s most typical and personal feature.

For this exhibition at CASCINA I.D.E.A., inspired by the nature of human feelings and emotions and in response to the changes brought about by technology, Thomas De Falco created nine textile sculptures.

He uses fibre and electrical cables, tapestries and sculptural elements in concrete. In addition, he inserts local natural materials such as bones, tree branches, and insects into these new productions.