Terra-Arte 2022 – SENSO

Italiano (Italian)

Installation by Monica Pennazzi
in collaboration with Ivan Macera
curated by Roberta Melasecca

Exhibition opening and presentation
10 September 2022 at 16.00

Grotta Giardini di Jos
Via delle Piagge di Sopra – Blera (VT)

On 10 September 2022, at 4 p.m., Terra-Arte presents the installation Senso (Sense) by Monica Pennazzi in collaboration with Ivan Macera, curated and with a text by Roberta Melasecca, in the Grotta dei Giardini di Jos.

Monica Pennazzi creates her installation, Senso (Sense), inside the Grotta dei Giardini in Jos with the firm determination to multiply the metaphorical scope of the architectural and artistic investigation to infinity. A woven and crossing body is contained within another body, a womb carved out by the work of man and nature, and experienced through the medium of yet another body – ours – pushed beyond the sensible’s limit and activated in all the different modes of attention. The outcome is simple and lies in the true nature of art, which, as Maurice Merleau-Ponty stated, is to leap over any form of knowledge that the artist may encounter and to dream of a new nascent world. (from the text by Roberta Melasecca)

Senso is an augmented habitat. Within it, there is a constant osmotic passage of energy and information towards new status and balance points. Here, the matter, both material and immaterial, possesses those intrinsic features that allow the transformation, conversion and encoding of vibratory motions and acoustic waves in a seamless continuum “inside” and “outside” the bodies, the territories inhabited by the bodies, the places-non-places abodes of dreams, desire, inspiration, thought.

Terra-Arte 2022 is promoted by the Terra-Arte Association. It is supported by the City of Blera, the Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, the City of Salzburg and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome.

Monica Pennazzi was born in Ancona in 1972. After completing her training in Progettismo di Moda at the University of Urbino, she began working for several established fashion companies such as Tombolini and Fornarina. In 2002, she devoted herself full-time to her true calling: sculpture. Her research is expressed through sculpture and installation that favour synthetic fibres such as polyurethane and silicone, culminating in her current works with musical strings.

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