TexpoArt International Textile Art Triennial – NEW REALITIES, 6a edizione 2023

The TexpoArt International Triennial of Textile Art aims to create cultural-artistic relations by promoting the “George Enescu” National University of Arts from Iași worldwide. The event, now in its 6th edition, is a certification of the importance and recognition of artistic education in Iași. Artists from 24 countries signed up for this year’s edition (Canada, Poland, South Korea, France, India, Germany, Spain, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Czech Republic, Republic of Moldova, Slovakia, Finland, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and Romania). The TexpoArt International Triennial of Textile Art is a remarkable event, unique in this country due to its scope and importance. Once every three years, the general public, students and professionals in the artistic field have the opportunity to see works created in innovative materials and techniques, resulted from themes of artistic creation from the farthest corners around the world. New opportunities for international collaboration and mutual promotion are thus created for all artistic fields under the institution’s tutelage.

This event, which is unique in this country due to its amplitude, represents the opportunity to show off the diversity, multiculturalism and plurivalences that textile arts can have. Through this triennial event, Iași is put on the map of big cities, cultural centers that offer opportunities to young artists, creating an environment conducive to dialogue and socio-cultural development. The previous editions of the TexpoArt International Triennial of Textile Art brought together over 300 artists who exhibited their works on the streets of the city of Iași, in various prestigious locations: the Cupola and Nicolae Tonitza Art Galleries (2008 and 2011),  the Mihai Eminescu Royal Foundation Galleries (2014), the Universitas Art Gallery of  the ”George Enescu” National University of Arts (2017), the Victoria and Theodor Pallady of  Visual Artists Union from Romania – Iași (2020). This year, the TexpoArt International Triennial of Textile Art has NEW REALITIES as theme, representing an artistic manifestation of the way of personal perception of the current geo-political situations. Transposed into textiles, the creative adaptation efforts assume bold and unconventional approaches, overcoming the limits of traditionalism, as a technique and as a system of compositional organization, which capture the dynamics and transformations of the contemporary world in the artistic adventure of creation. Artists from four continents are attending this edition, each of them bringing their own technical and conceptual approach to the proposed research thematic. Reference names from the textile field from Romania and from major university centers have joined world-renowned personalities.

Under the auspices of the “George Enescu” National University of Arts, in collaboration with the Union of Visual Artists from Romania and the City Hall of Iași, TexpoArt has become a reference event, a landmark in international artistic and cultural life. The International Triennial of Textile Art – TexpoArt will be hosted between 10-30 May 2023 by three renowned art galleries from Iași (“Nicolae Tonitza” and “Theodor Pallady” Art Galleries ( and at the “Aparte” Art Gallery (

We invite you to take part at the official opening of the Triennale, which will take place on May 11, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. at the ”Aparte” Art Gallery of the “George Enescu” National University of Art Iași (Codreanu Street, no. 6). The exhibition is presented by PhD. Miruna Hașegan, curator of the event and art critic PhD. Maria Bilasevschi.

Event coordinator: PhD. Miruna Haşegan

Event organizers from Faculty of Visual Arts and Design: Cornelia Brustureanu, Ecaterina Marghidan, Cristina Hîrţescu, Mădălina Vieriu, Raluca Simona Loghin, Cristina Sasu.