Italiano (Italian)

Using lettering and fonts with stitch and embroidery

by Sara Impey
Publisher: BATSFORD
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781849940429
Data di pubblicazione: 15 agosto 2013
Categoria: Arte Tessile

The use of text is currently very popular in textile art, and its creative potential is unlimited. Text can engage directly with the viewer to express personal concerns, social and political issues and even humour. In this exciting new book, Sara Impey, one of the world’s best-known textile artists and an innovator in using text in her work, presents the definitive guide to text in textiles. She aims to inspire makers with the confidence to use text, to illustrate how it can be used as a means of self-expression, and to provide advice on where to look for sources of inspiration.

The book includes a brief discussion of stitched lettering in history, and examines the current scene, including contemporary artists such as Tracey Emin. It then goes on to explore how to find inspiration for your work, whether personal or political, with exercises on how to get your thoughts organized. Finally, a wealth of practical tips are given on how to get text into your work, including hand-stitching techniques, computers and the new generation of sewing machines, photo transfer, found objects and the use of newsprint and other printed materials. It also contains valuable information on copyright.

This fascinating book is perfect for any textile artist who wants to add an extra dimension to their work by incorporating text.


Sara Impey is one of the world’s leading quilt artists. Her work has been shown in many exhibitions, including the prestigious Quilts 1700–2010 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and she is a member of the influential group Quilt Art. She lives in Coggeshall, Essex.