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*Featured photo: TEXTE, TEXTURE, TEXTILE – Marina Gasparini, Bandiera Rossa

Artists: Marina Gasparini, Natalia Blanch, Miriam Gronwald, Mimi Kunz, Michèle Louis, Jehanne Paternostre, Estelle Saignes et Françoise Seffer 
ODRADEK, Rue Américaine 35 – 1050 Bruxelles

Friday and Saturday, 2 pm – 6 pm or by appointment
09.09.2022 – 01.10.2022
Opening  08.09.2022, 6 pm – 8 pm

ODRADEK - Marina Gasparini

Following Marina Gasparini’s residency this summer, ODRADEK presents 8 artists involved in a writing practice linked to textile fibers. This practice allows a letter, a word, a sentence, even a poem, to become thread and thus acquire a spatial materiality. Starting from the fact that writing is initially only a set of lines and strokes, it is possible to weave, knot, embroider with the help of threads which their texture conveys.  Therefore, the exhibition deals with the matter of migration: words, like people, move, are transformed or deported.

Marina Gasparini has made fabric letters decorated with gallons and other scalloping. These 27 cut letters can be put on and will evolve according to the movement of figurants during a performance.

ODRADEK - Michèle Louis

Natalia Blanch exhibits poem-drawings as well as an oil work on hand-sewn rice paper with crocheted text. These extracts of poems constitute the conceptual and formal framework of her work.

Estelle Saignes proposes a tapestry Jacquard-weaving. Starting from Google Maps views, she creates a patchwork to reflect the effects of an artificial lake in New Jersey.

Jehanne Paternostre, from waste of threads resulting from the restoration of tapestries, creates a new thread which evolves in a line memorizing the ravages of time.

Mimi Kunz and Miriam Gronwald create an installation in the aftermath of a performance. While Miriam dances, Mimi draws inspiration from her movements and translates the rhythms of the dancer’s body into graphic gestures.

Michèle Louis embroiders a text written in a legible way, which on the reverse side of the fabric gives appearance to threads tracing other ways to follow.

Françoise Seffer, inspired by her father’s writing or by a flight of starlings, embroiders and manipulates the crochet hook or the spindles to compose in her own way.