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04 Dic 2021 – 25 Apr 2022
Queensland Art Gallery / Galleria d’Arte Moderna
Stanley Place, Cultural Precinct South Bank, Brisbane
Queensland 4101, Australia

T: +61 (0)7 3840 7303

For this landmark tenth edition, QAGOMA’s Asia Pacific Triennial looks to the future of art and the world we inhabit together. It’s rich with stories of how to navigate through time and space, reimagine histories and explore connections to culture and place.

‘The 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’ (APT10) includes 69 projects with new and recent work by emerging and established artists and collectives, together comprising more than 150 individuals from 30 countries. It includes works of art that are by turn highly personal, deeply political, and full of joy.

Including major new and recently commissioned works, APT involves a great depth of research by the Gallery’s in-house curators working collaboratively with a network of artists across wide and diverse geographies from Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

As visitors to past APT’s will anticipate, the expansive onsite exhibition experience across both our galleries, QAG and GOMA, features a great wealth of materials and techniques, from large-scale installations and immersive multimedia artworks to sculpture, textiles, paintings, photography and video. APT10 includes three curated cinema programs, interactive artist projects for children and families, plus onsite and virtual events including Up Late and a closing weekend Festival.”

Among the 69 projects, Textile Art lovers can’t miss the work of Bajau Sama Dilaut Weavers featuring the boldly coloured tepo (mats) of the women of the Bajau Sama Dilaut community, based on the islands of Semporna off the east coast of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo.

The Image was taken from:
Sanah Belasani / Bajau Sama Dilaut people / Malaysia b.c. 1979 / Harunan Motol (Tangga Perahu) (Boat Ladder) 2019 / Woven pandanus, commercial chemical dye / 240 x 137cm / Purchased 2021 with funds from Ashby Utting Foundation through the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Foundation / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art / © Kak Norbaya / Image courtesy: Yee I-Lann

These combine motifs passed down through generations with geometric forms and imagery drawn from the communities’ maritime setting. The Bajau people are an Austronesian ethnic group known for their nomadic, seafaring lifestyles, living throughout the Indo-Malay and Philippine archipelagos. The Sama Dilaut community in Semporna lives in tidal stilt villages, and their economy centres mainly on fishing.

 This lifestyle features prominently in their finely woven pandanus mats, incorporating undulating waves, intricate textile patterns, rhythms, textures and structures drawn from everyday life. Their chromatic range is particularly striking, with high-key pink yellows and aquamarine set against deep greens and indigos. The tepo are not simply beautiful objects but also expressions of the collective life embedded in them.


Eric and Marion Taylor Gallery (Gallery 1.3) 


Not to be missed the delicate and meaningful woven installation of Yuma Taru, Atayal people, born 1963, Xiangbi community, Tai’an Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan Lives and works in Miaoli. 

The Image was taken from:
Yuma Taru / Atayal people / Taiwan b.1963 / The spiral of life – the tongue of the cloth (yan pala na hmali) – a mutual dialogue 2021 / Ramie suspended from metal threads / 500 x 250cm (diam.); installed dimensions variable / Commissioned for APT10 / © Yuma Taru / Image courtesy: The artist and Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Centre

Commissioned for APT10, The spiral of life – the tongue of the cloth (yan pala na hmali) – a mutual dialogue is a textile-based installation consisting of strikingly dyed ramie fibre weavings suspended in lyrical forms. These dynamic shapes reference the transmission of knowledge in the Atayal language, which has no written form. Whether expressed as narrative or ballad, Taru sees this oral communication as a duet, always requiring the listener’s engagement. 


Between Earth and Sky: Indigenous Contemporary Art From Taiwan

 Co-curators: Etan Pavavalung and Manray Hsu


 Produced in collaboration with the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Centre


Eric and Marion Taylor Gallery (Gallery 1.3) 


I Made Djirna, Born 1957, Kedewatan, Indonesia, lives and works in Kedewatan.

From his studio in Kedewatan, central Bali, he amasses tons of materials for his projects. He treats reclaimed and repurposed objects with deep consideration of their place in time, nature, and human utility. Djirna’s approach blends the experiences and textures of indoor, outdoor, private, shared, and ritual spaces, resonating with the shared living, working and spiritual environments particular to family-living in Bali and the island’s natural elements. 

The Image was taken from:
I Made Djirna / Indonesia b.1957 / Numpang Lewat 2021 / Mixed media, site-specific installation / Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), Ubud, Bali, Indonesia / Image courtesy and © I Made Djirna

For Kita, Djirna has constructed a textured, immersive environment from pumice stone, rock, terracotta and dried coconut husks. Strung together to create curtain-like assemblages, these monumental cascades and towers of material show faces and figures emerging between natural forms. For Djirna, the many strings that link the stones represent an underlying concept of togetherness and unity in constructing the self.


The Fairfax Gallery (Gallery 1.1)

Featured artists:

3AM Bani Abidi ACAPA Pasifika Community Engagement Project (ACE) Air Canoe Edith Amituanai Nazgol Ansarinia Maryam Ayeen and Abbas Shahasavar Apenisa Bainivalu, Laweni Tekina Laiseane & Veniana Maraia Paulina Bajau Sama Dilaut Weavers Rathin Barman Between Earth And Sky: Indigenous Contemporary Art From Taiwan Anli Genu Dondon Hounwn Fangas Nayaw Etan Pavavalung Aluaiy Pulidan (Aluiay Kaumakan) Ruby Swana Yuma Taru Masiswagger Zingrur Rocky Cajigan Chong Kim Chiew Genevieve Chua Kaili Chun I Made Djirna Alia Farid Brian Fuata Hikaru Fujii Joyce Mary Arasepa Gole OL (Mary Gole) Jamilah Haji Hao Jingban Hao Liang Gordon Hookey Chia-Wei Hsu Hu Yun Jumaadi Kā Paroro o Haumumu: Coastal Flows, Coastal Incursions Grace Lillian Lee & Ken Thaiday Snr Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho Minouk Lim Kimiyo Mishima Phuong Ngo Nguyên Phuong Linh Nguyễn Thi Châu Giang Jasmine Nilani Joseph Shannon Novak Phi Phi Oanh Archie Oclos Lee Paje Bagus Pandega Christina Pataialii Pala Pothupitiye Shubigi Rao Syagini Ratna Wulan Koji Ryui Tita Salina & Irwan Ahmett Seleka International Art Society Initiative Thasnai Sethaseree Kamruzzaman Shadhin & Gidree Bawlee Foundation of Arts Karan Shrestha Sumakshi Singh Yasmin Smith Vipoo Srivilasa Adeela Suleman Som Supaparinya Svay Sareth Amin Taasha Salote Tawale Shannon Te Ao Than Sok Subash Thebe Limbu Michiko Tsuda Lesieli Kato Kakala Tohi Tupou & Sione Maileseni Uramat Mugas (Uramat story songs) Mayur & Tushar Vayeda Yee I-Lann Yolngu/Macassan Project Yu Ji