The Fibery – FiberArtGallery presents: “Déconfilement”

Italiano (Italian)

The Fibery welcomes you back!

The Parisian gallery celebrates this new-found freedom without limits of time and space!

On display are works created during this long pandemic year.

“Déconfilement ” is the name of the exhibition that the gallery is happy to present to you from 16 to 20 June.

Artists in exhibition:

Andie Grande, Annita Romano, Christine Mathieu, Clarence Guéna, Esther Michaud,

Françoise Giannesini, Frédérique Gourdon, Guacolda, Isabel Bisson Mauduit,

Karine N’Guyen Van Tham, Laurent Nicolas, Marta Santos, Pierre Vallauri,

Sabatina Leccia & Alix Waline, Xavier Brisoux & Isabelle Soum

The Fibery – FiberArtGallery is the only Parisian gallery dedicated to contemporary textile art, presenting works that highlight fiber, techniques and textile imagery. The gallery presents all kinds of mediums: sculptures photographs, installations, drawings, paintings, etc… It exhibits the works of French and international artists and international artists whose work is relevant because of the questioning that it raises, but also by its experimental and visionary side.