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January 26 – February 18
Manuel Zoia Gallery, Via Maroncelli 7, Milan
Opening: January 26, 2023 – h. 18:00 – 21:00

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Manuel Zoia Gallery
Via Maroncelli 7, Milano, Italia
Wed – Sat 15:00 – 19:00

The City of Books, hot stamping on stitched cotton canvas, pins 190 x 180 cm 2022

Manuel Zoia Gallery is pleased to invite you on January 26 to the opening of the exhibition “THE ONGOING TALE”, by the artistic duo Andrea Sbra Perego & Federica Patera.

The research of Andrea Sbra Perego & Federica Patera combines art, in particular fiber art, and literature, creating a stratification of meanings and synesthetic paths that relate fabric and word.

Starting from the novel Infinite Jest (1996) by David Foster Wallace, characterized by an unusual and non-linear narrative structure, the artists suggest the possibility of creating – hypothetically – an infinite tale thanks to the inner ability of books to dialogue with each other regardless of their author or cultural context of origin. Thus, artists take out quotations, or parts of text from different kind of books, and connect, through the threads, to create a plot, recontextualize them in a work of art that leads a new originality, showing in practice how art is always a harbinger of creativity.

The City of Books, detail
The City of Books, side

The duo was officially born in 2017 with the RAR project, which focuses on the value of the analogy in literature. At the heart of their investigation is the dynamic that leads reading to become writing and, in generally, the user to become creator, mixing roles. The continuous exchange guarantees transmission, which goes beyond repetition and finds full meaning in transformation. Starting from summer 2022 the two artists work in residence from New York.

Federica Patera - Andrea Sbra Perego, ARTWORK 1 Re-connaître, detail
Federica Patera - Andrea Sbra Perego, ARTWORK 1 Re-connaître, detail

In January 2023 the artists will have several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including: FIBERSTORMING, a group exhibition in two acts as a part of Bergamo – Brescia Culture Capital 2023; the first from January 13 to January 22 at the Bergamo Art Fair, promoted by ArteMorbida; the second from January 27 to February 22 at Ex Ateneo (Upper Town) curated by Barbara Pavan. Meanwhile in NYC they take part CRITICALLY RANDOM, group exhibition at Ivy Brown Gallery, from January 18 to February 22.

La luna, hot foil print on stitched cotton canvas, 52 x 25 x 5 cm, 2022
Autodisastro concettuale; hot stamping on sewn cotton canvas, pins; 35 x 28 cm; 2021