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The relevance of nature in the propagation of the self: Elizabeth Aro at the 9th edition of Art Site Fest

“Labyrinth,” the site-specific installation created by Argentine artist Elizabeth Aro as part of the 9th edition of Art Site Fest, opened on Sept. 19 at the courtyard of Palazzo Biandrate, home of the Reale Mutua Historical Museum at Via delle Orfane No. 6 in Turin, curated by Paola Stroppiana with the artistic direction of Domenico Maria Papa and the collaboration of Gagliardi and Domke Gallery

The artistic installation was created by Aro with velvet by Marzotto interiors and Redaelli Velluti and consists of two parts, one arranged on the ground and one suspended above, positioned in the striking architectural setting of the Museum. During the opening night, the exhibition was accompanied by a reading of “Infinite Figures” by Argentine writer Mariana Travacio, read and performed by Eleni Molos with background music by Gabriele Artuso. An experience that was born from the synergy of words, sound and image in order to lead the user into a harmonious and positive space in close connection with the environmental sphere and inner peace. The installation is meant to emphasize the importance of environmental protection and preservation from the perspective of reconnecting with one’s self.

“Labyrinth” as highlighted by the title is intended to be a transposition of a metaphorical inner labyrinth, the meaning of which is to be sought in the depths of the self, from which it arises and propagates until it reaches the universe and expands outwardly thus contrasting human interiority with the environmental sphere. The viewer of the work is invited to take a seat and space and sit on the ground to observe its expansion. These are material elements that can be traced back to leaves or flying particles silhouetted in the sky, the green is meant to be a further reminder of vegetation. The work thus represents an inner labyrinth whose dimension is connected to nature and its elements. The installation will be on display until Nov. 7, more information at:

Margaret Sgarra

Read it in English Curatrice di arte contemporanea e Storica dell’arte, ha conseguito il Diploma di I livello in Didattica dell’Arte (Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino), successivamente ha perfezionato i suoi studi con una Laurea Magistrale in Storia dell’arte (Università degli Studi di Torino) e, infine, ha ottenuto una seconda Laurea Magistrale in Arti visive (Università di Bologna). Tra le sue principali tematiche di ricerca in ambito curatoriale troviamo: tutela dell’ambiente, identità e sfera emotiva. Ha collaborato con Paratissima ed è attualmente coinvolta, in qualità di curatrice, nella realizzazione di diversi progetti artistici.