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Tina Struthers is a Canadian textile and visual artist, based in Southern Quebec where she who lives and works. She was born in Cape Town South-Africa. The focus in her work is diversity, inclusion and human impact on global societies and environments. She creates textile abstractions which attempt to map the unpredictability of the emigrant experience.

Her works engaging themes such as multiculturalism where the richness of textures and diversity is omnipresent, with a fascination with the movement created by the wind a metaphor for displacement, constantly seeking to capture the momentum or the element of change. Specializing in combining fiber and textile elements, with a focus on detailed surface texture, and hand stitched quality.

CODEX I, SOLO, 2017 Gallerie de la ville, DDO, QC, Curator Claudine Ascher, copyright Tina Struthers

Her work has been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally.

Her formal training started at the Open Window art academy where she studied Visual communication with Fine art specialization, after which the focus of her work shifted to using textile as her principal medium.

REPEAT OFFENDERS, DUO, Galerie de la Ville, Dollard des Ormeaux, QC,Co-curators: Claudine Ascher and Diane Collet. Duo Artist, Monica Brinkman, copyright Tina Struthers

Using textile as the basis for construction in her mixed media work, she contrasts natural and synthetic fibers to create forms that seem organic as they move into their space. Her imagery explores concepts of growth and change: fundamentally, metamorphosis is the theme that inspires it.

SOUS LA PEAU DE L’HIVER, 2018, Résidence de création et exposition solo, Maison Félix-Leclerc de Vaudreuil, copyright Tina Struthers

“My working process is anchored in creating sculptural forms and clothing them in contrasts. Assembling and integrating smaller elements to create a whole is my method. I use both traditional and contemporary textiles, I make soft structures with cloth and interact them with hard elements like wood and glass beads. I create patterns and textures both inviting and rough, and surfaces embroidered so that their meticulously stitched quality will nevertheless enhance the feeling of growth and mutation. Colors, shape and forms repeat even as they are in continuous change”.

Indompté / Untamed, 2017, Dimensions: 80″ x 122″ , 227 x 310 cm, copyright Tina Struthers

Source: https://tinastruthers.com/

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