Tracey Deep: FAUNA

Italiano (Italian)

Saint Cloche Gallery, 37 MacDonald Street Paddington NSW, Australia
Thursday 26th August, 6pm onwards

Preview: Wednesday 25th August (by appointment)
Meet the artist Saturday 27th August, 11am – 4pm
25 August – 12 September 2021

Tracey Deep, Ph.Credit Nicholas Watt

Saint Cloche warmly welcomes back sought after sculptor of nature, Tracey Deep with her latest exhibition ‘FAUNA’.

“Fauna” is Tracey’s own personal and creative phoenix that rises from the ashes of the devastating 2020 bushfires in Australia and the devastating impact on our unique native species of Fauna. Fervently moved by the plight of many already acutely endangered creatures living through what was named one of the worst natural disasters in modern history, by Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia – Tracey began creating ‘Fauna’ as a reverential tribute to all the lives lost and habitat turned to ash.

Tracey Deep, Fauna, Ph.Credit Nicholas Watt

An estimated 3 billion animals, mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs were impacted by Australia’s bushfire disaster, including our kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas & koalas, just to name a few that lost their entire habitat and source of food. The horrific numbers of each species, decimated in their millions, incredibly impacted, and sliding some precious natives ever closer to extinction.

“In ‘Fauna’ through the use of fibre, textures, organic and industrial materials, I have created works inspired by our vulnerable native endangered species, whose habitat have been severely impacted. I have portrayed the spirit and soul of our fauna, through my personal heartfelt response. We don’t own the land – the land owns us. We need to reconnect with, and be more mindful of our relationship to Country, and protect the remaining natural wildlife habitat, by restoring forests on large tracks of land, we can then give Koalas and many other native species the chance to thrive once more. Restoring wildlife and the habitat they need, rejuvenating communities also impacted by bushfires, drawing from traditional ecological and indigenous knowledge and guardianship, supporting sustainable/regenerative agriculture, managing impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems, are some of the ways we can help future-proof this stunning landscape and Country of ours, whilst protecting our precious Australian Fauna from further extinction.” (Tracey Deep)

Tracey Deep, Fauna, Ph.Credit Nicholas Watt

About Tracey Deep

Tracey Deep is a true original and a national treasure. She is a humble superstar, much loved and hugely revered for her authenticity and devotion to nature, Tracey is a creative adventurer, a biology enthusiast, and magical botanical sculptor. Celebrated for her sustainable sculptures and installations using organic and industrial recycled materials for over two decades – her creations are as distinctive as a thumbprint, and her signature artworks can be found in private and public collections. Tracey’s varied clients span the length and breadth of Australia and overseas ranging from the Art Gallery of NSW, NGV Melbourne, Wolgan Valley Emirates resort, Cult Design to work on films such as Mission impossible and Star Trek, and events from the Winter Olympics to the launch of Hugh Jackman’s company.  Most recently, Tracey was commissioned by AMP to create a three-part installation ‘Water Spirit’ that draws inspiration from the original natural landscape of the area, paying homage to the traditional owners of the land and her sculpture ‘Tree Spirit’ was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Wynne Prize 2021 at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Tracey Deep, Fauna, Ph.Credit Nicholas Watt