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*featured photo: DANIELA GIODA, Il viaggio delle Madri, particolare

The exhibition unfolds in two directions: the Words and the Earth.

Palazzo Opesso in Chieri, in the context of TRAMANDA 2021, hosts the event.

Five artists are part of the project: Tegi Canfari, Laura Castagno, Chen Li, Antonella De Nisco, Daniela Gioda. Their practices revolve around the environmental, nature and art ethics, addressed with different mediums: fibre art, land art and writing. 

LE PAROLE DELLA TERRA has been an open site for construction where the artists relate with space through site-specific installations, a dialogue between different perspectives and experimentations.

The exhibition displays each artist in a separate space, allowing the visitors to enjoy the single project without losing the train of thought. In addition, the event’s overall design allows a choral reading of the exhibition, summarized in the relationship between nature and culture, between humans and the planet we inhabit and share with all other creatures.

The show addresses the local and the global relationship, bringing women artists from Chieri working internationally and artists from different geographic areas to the forefront. Pathways identified by marks, symbols and the places’ characteristics, conveyed through art to the world, reassorting encounters and contaminations of other cultures and landscapes, regardless of provenance and destination.  


An urgency to enter into close collaboration with the Earth is at the core of ANTONELLA DE NISCO’s double installation. “TERRaRI” is made out of pruning’s interweavings inviting to search for a connection between humans and the environment. “FOGLIaRIA” brings attention back to the beauty, the uniqueness and the value of every element surrounding us. 

De Nisco is active in the land art movement, with keen attention towards environmental issues. In her work, she compares the wild and the human-made, the urban and the rural, to find a harmonious synthesis. 

A positive and constructive relationship find shape in her artist’s books: “ERBARI”, in which the narrative is constructed thanks to small elements, fragments and words, flowing continuously to compose a universally shared tale.

DANIELA GIODA’s installation: “MI HERMANA LUNA Y MI HERMANO ARBOL” addresses the climate changes’ aftermath and the repercussions on humanity, pointing out the necessity for a deeper engagement, a bond of brotherhood with nature. With the work: “PERDONAMI, FIGLIA”, she shows that we cannot forget the legacy we are leaving to our planet and the future generations.

The artist uses different techniques and materials; her creation process involves various stages. However, Gioda keeps our planet’s protection at the core of her practice.

As a testimony of the whole’s space and time interconnection, she works, for example, “with the Ginko Biloba leaves, she finds in a Park in Chieri, a tree that symbolizes resilience for having survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb radiations.”

And Word is again the subject matter in CHEN LI’s work; her research focuses on gesture, marks and writing. She’s fascinated by the written pages’ texture, seen as a composition of filled and empty spaces. In 2003, she did work with Martha Nieuwenhuijs during an international artist in residence program, strengthening her interest in the textile medium.

“The supports where the words find a place and appear are, in the last years, natural and old textiles, handwoven in linen or hemp or shirts, holding the shape of the human body like the two Prada’s shirts, a project exhibited at an international exhibition in Ulanbaataar Art Gallery, in Mongolia. I’ve chosen Prada because I wanted something Italian, designed by a woman: Miuccia Prada, to intervene with another little woman’s words: Greta Thunberg. Because words are power, memory and future.” 

Among the art pieces on display is the work “INFERNO”, 10×1.5m, the first canto of Dante’s Inferno.

From Land Art and sculpture comes TEGI CANFARI, installing her work: “ASCOLTI” in the Palazzo halls.

“LE PAROLE AL VENTO” is a work created and installed for the first time in Essen, Germany, in 2008 that became itinerant. “Ascolti” are big ears that have listened to the wind’s words and have gathered the vibrations and energy of the many places that hosted the project. They are metaphors of the urgency to listen to the voice of nature, to hear the silent cry for help while we are slowly killing our planet.

Universal artworks meeting a small urban world: a portion of the textile forest composed of “Chieri trees”. The artist highlights the continuity between global and local. The sum of every little care for what is familiar and quotidian can make a difference for the entire planet. 

TEGI CANFARI, Ascolti. Le parole al vento 

In the end, in the installation by LAURA CASTAGNO: “I LOVE YOU EARTH”, the words come back to seal a new pact between human beings and the Earth through art. The texts, written with gold letters on old recycled cardboards, become a mantra (an anagram). Moreover, it is a declaration of intention to prioritize elements vital for humans: air, water, Earth, on a scale of values that can no longer ignore their protection. Essential elements that only authentic commitment can save while safeguarding our lives. A work, therefore, tracing the path of circular economy, preserving resources and respecting Mother Earth through a declaration of love shaped and voiced by art.


Barbara Pavan

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