Trame a Corte

Italiano (Italian)

Title: Trame a Corte
Artists: JorgelinaAlesandrelli, Tiziana Aste, EwaBartoszMazuś, Simonetta Battoia, Luciana Bellotti, Cristina Busnelli, Lara Caputo, Gilda Cefariello Grosso, Gabriella Chiminello, Roberta Chioni, Colombo M. Anastasia, Gianpaolo Dal Maso, Anna Esposito, Daniela Evangelisti, Margherita Fergnachino, Annalia Ferreri, Patrizia Girlanda, Erika Graf, Laura GuildA, Marisa Iotti, Magda Lafferma,Monique Lehman, Cinzia Li Volsi, Maura Lusenti, Maria Grazia Medda, Karin Monica, Monica Paulon, Adriana Puppi, Isaura Ramirez, Giulia Rizzo, CrystynaKrystynaSadej, Cristina Salari, Simona Sanguineti, Daniela Santucci, AnnacarlaScanu, Petra Sommer, Antonia Sorsoli, Wilma Strabello, Marisa Tacchi, Tiziana Tateo, Maria Cristina Tebaldi, Paola Tovazzi, Sofia Tsampara Sofia, Sofia Verna, Katia Volpe, Maria Letizia Volpicelli

12/20 September 2020



12 September 2020, 5 pm



Rocca di Sala Baganza (PR)


Promoted by:

Associazione Culturale Arcadia


Info: mob.338 8073592


The exhibition linked to “Trame a corte” get to 17th edition, a competition unique in Italy – and with an archive of works equally unique in Europe – which brings textile artists from many Italian cities to Sala Baganza as well as from Australia, United States, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Poland, Argentina and South Africa. Theme and title of this edition is “When white meets gold”.

Textile works that tell of a kaleidoscopic world linked to the slowness of manual work but also a frontier area of research between craftsmanship, art and design.

The cultural validity of “Trame a Corte” is linked to the contemporaneity of this expressive medium which, although not part of the usual artistic language, today sees in the international contemporary art panorama engaged artists from all over the world who try their hand at weaving, embroidery and fabrics, recycled and salvaged materials, elaborated with the most varied techniques.