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July 7 to Sept. 17, 2023
curated by CIRT aps International Center for Textile Research
Exhibition halls of MEF Museo Etnografico del Friuli, Udine, via Grazzano 1
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Every Saturday for the duration of the exhibition, from 10 a.m. to noon, guided tours by CIRT aps members.
For information and reservations:

Inaugurated at the MEF Museo Etnografico del Friuli (Udine), July 7, 2023, the TRAME ancient & modern exhibition with educational section. The exhibition is curated by CIRTaps International Textile Research Center, an AICS-affiliated Association of Italian Culture and Sport that was established to study and enhance the historical and contemporary textile heritage.

Cirt aps - Ricostruzioni di antichi tessuti al telaio

The exhibition presents the results of a long training course that took place at the MEF: a fourteen-lesson Workshop on Weaving and Traditional Costume of Friuli, held every Friday afternoon from March 3 to June 30 by Prof. Carmen Romeo, with the assistance of Prof. Daniela Zamparutti. This was an unprecedented activity that provided an up-close and in-depth study of some of the precious textiles that are preserved at the Friuli Ethnographic Museum. Participants learned how to read the fabric designs in the manuscript notebook of weaver Antonio Di Croce (1884, Rubignacco, Cividale del Friuli UD) and studied from a technical and decorative point of view the traditional costume of four pairs: Aviano, Resia, San Pietro degli Slavi and Marano. Using hand looms of 8, 12, 16 healds, reconstructions of Di Croce samples were elaborated. Each student investigated a particular technique, visualizing it on the computer and then verifying it on the loom; in the exhibition an entire wall is devoted to this study.

Studio del Costume Tradizionale Friulano

Clothing and accessories of the costumes were examined and each participant delved into a particular aspect of it. Relative to the Resia Woman’s Feast costume (second half of the 19th century), a cloth reconstruction of the dress was made: a timeless, comfortable and elegant model.

Also presented in the two rooms of the exhibition are the artifacts resulting from the research on historical textiles research: bags, stoles, scarpez (classic Friulian slipper), ties and tapestries.

Dr. Pamela Pielich, Curator Civici Musei – Museo Etnografico del Friuli, says that these events are very important, because this is how the museum is made alive, while Giuseppe Tonon, CIRTaps president and owner of Carnica Arte Tessile in Villa Santina (Udine), points out that it is precisely from the study of the past that the future is born.

Carmen Romeo

English version Esperta di tessitura, arazzo, tappeto, saggista, docente e ricercatrice  – Tavagnacco (Udine). Dal 1976 mi occupo di ricerca nell’ambito del tessile tradizionale e di didattica. Ho pubblicato saggi, partecipato e coordinato progetti, mostre d’arte ed eventi a livello nazionale ed internazionale. Dal 1974 al 2011 ho insegnato nella Scuola Primaria e Secondaria Statale Italiana (Medie e Superiori). Ora sono Vicepresidente dell’Università delle Libertà del F. V. G. di UDINE dove insegno nei corsi TIESSI. Tradizione e Creatività-Laboratorio di Tessitura, promuovo e curo progetti sul tessile. Inoltre, presso il Laboratorio dell’Associazione Il Cavalîr – Ecomuseo della Gente di collina di Fagagna (Udine) sono docente di  Arte della Tessitura per la riscoperta dell’arte tessile tradizionale e curatore di Progetti culturali legati alla cultura tessile.