• 9 February 2023 13:23

“Underground Bloom” – Samuelle Green

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‘Underground Bloom’, recycled books, wire, glue, found objects (doors), is Samuelle Green’s new immersive installation made for TAKKK Symposium in Tammiku Manor, Estonia 31. 07 – 15.08

“There is structure and design inherent in the natural world which we constantly draw from and take for granted. We generally fail to acknowledge the skill, time, and attention to detail required to manifest the intricate structures found in objects we encounter regularly — such as those found in bird and wasp nests, beehives, spider webs, rock formations, anthills, feathers, and countless others. Samuelle’s work, especially the large-scale installations, explore and reference these forms – inspiring contemplation. Each installation is site-specific and the forms are a reaction to the given space. The work is constructed from recycled paper that has been donated by local residents.”

More info at: https://samuellegreen.com/home