Italiano (Italian)

Solo exhibition

11-21 November 2022
Opening: 11 November 17.00-19.00
Det Andet Galleri – Kronprinsesse Sofies vej 6 – Frederiksberg, DK

Kozlovič’s interest in the layers and textures of different cultures and peoples come through in her love of traditional crafts and natural colors – through her art, her experiences from her extensive travels and studies translate into abstract images using embroidery on canvas, natural colors, fabric, paper, string and strands of wool, linen and silk.

The exhibition features selected works from Kozlovič’s “Fountain pen series”; abstract works made on large canvases, alternating pen drawing with embroidery.  The works speak to pause and reflection, deliberateness and time as an available yet limited resource.

Moving between media using writing-materials, painting canvases and finally needle and thread, Kozlovič reflects on the history of embroidery in the Western world and the gendered discourses around it. While embroidery is gaining recognition it has not yet succeeded in breaking free from the perception of the artform as a trivial and exclusively female craft. To Kozlovič, embroidery has the unique quality that a large part of the executive process can be read on the back of the canvas, where a registry of the progress, second thoughts, errors and solutions can be seen. While the front shows the explicit, the back shows the implicit, a parallel story to the one you are meant to see.