Viviane Fontaine International Paper Triennial – 2023

Italiano (Italian)

March 11, 2023 – November 12, 2023
Musée Charmey, Les Charrières 1, 1637 Charmey, Switzerland
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The first paper art exhibition to be held in Gruyère (Switzerland) opened on 25 September 1993. Thirty years on, the Musée de Charmey is delighted to present the 11th edition of this juried exhibition, whose power to engage our imagination and feed our curiosity remains undiminished. Over the last three decades, the Museum has hosted works by close to 520 artists from 40 countries. To mark this special anniversary, the theme of this year’s Triennial is ‘roots’.

Roots is an expansive subject, which that the 59 exhibiting artists explore with verve and audacity, both in the interpretation of the theme and its execution.

The paper is sliced, glued, recycled, folded, crumpled, assembled, crafted, pulped and woven. The resulting works take us on a voyage of discovery across different worlds – from botany to Braille, via genealogy, major and minor stories, and even the square root.

The selected artists:

Germany: Petra Grupp, Hans-Jürgen Simon, Hongyun He, Akiko Kehnen, Karsten Kelsch, Hermann Künert, Beate Laurien, Elke Muche, Lita Poliakova, Kirstin Rabe, Helene Tschacher, Angelika Wolpert, Roderich Zupnickl

England: Kate Hipkiss

Austria: Dorothea Rosenstock

Belgium: Laurence Van Berchem

Canada: Alexandre Bonton, Gabriele Fontana, Michel Gautier, Karen Trask

South Korea: Chanyoung Sophie Kim

Finland: Minnamarina Tammi

France: Arthur Baudouin, Cécile Bourdais, Henri Duffour, Thierry Faligot, Christian Gastaldi, Lola Greenwich, Elizabeth Lefranc, Sylvie Loudieres, Nobuko Murakami, Anna Normand, Michel Olivier, Isa Papasian, Florence Pinson-Ynden, Sandy Pouget, Ursi Schiegnitz, Anne-Karen Schutterle, Isabelle Senly, Jamel Zeddam

Israel: Esther Domb Edelman

Italy: Elisa Mearelli, Elena Redaelli, Anna Maria Scocozza

Netherlands: Eva Kipp

Poland: Maria Matyja-Rozpara

Switzerland: Sílvia Araújo, Marie-Laure Beun, Michèle Dal Magro, Laurent Dominique Fontana, Silvia Maddonni, Marie-Claire Meier, Marie-Laure Miazza, Myriam Rais, Gerda Ritzmann, Caroline Sechehaye, Gaby Studer, Anne Vonlanthen

Czechia: Lucie Jestrabikova

Image: Dorothea Rosenstock, Déraciné, 2022, © Christa Engstler.