• 9 February 2023 6:43

Yarn bombing in Villa Borghese

Italiano (Italian)

With Back to nature, the contemporary art project curated by Costantino D’Orazio, Villa Borghese is transformed into an open-air gallery. A widespread exhibition to reflect on the need to find new balances between man / urban spaces and nature, and which hosts interventions by internationally renowned artists such as Andreco, Mario Merz, Mimmo Paladino, Benedetto Pietromarchi, Davide Rivalta, Grazia Toderi, Edoardo Tresoldi, Nico Vascellari.
Among the Back to nature installations there is also the colorful intervention by Accademia di Aracne, an association founded about a year ago by Shirley Rowlands in Ortona, Abruzzo. The Academy is mainly dedicated to the art of yarn bombing, a street art movement that, through the use of colored yarn and crochet or knitting, wants to give an alternative vision of urban spaces, often devoid of colors and poor in perspective.
The intervention in the Parco dei Daini in Villa Borghese, strongly desired by the curator of the exhibition Costantino D’Orazio, required two months of work for 25 knitted mats from the Aracne Academy. The series of works created intends to enhance the plastic forms of the villa’s centuries-old trees, inducing the gaze of visitors to linger in contemplation and become aware of the natural beauty that is underlined and highlighted by the bright colors of the artistic installation.
The installation will be freely visible until 13 December 2020 in the Villa Borghese park in Rome.