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Contemporary Prize della Valle. International competition for artists to enhance contemporary art.


Alina Art Foundation together with the Inarttendu Contemporary Art Association and Exhibition Space of Aosta present the first edition of the ArteAlta international contemporary art competition. Eligible art forms are: painting, sculpture and installation, photografic, grafic art, illustration, video art and short films.


“Fear,” the competition theme aims to explore the vast and complex spectrum of emotions reason why we are looking for artworks that sfit the traditional perception of fear, transforming it from a simple emotion into a fertile ground for analysis, reflection and, infinally, transformation. The theme invites artists to scrutinize the depths of fear, exploring its many facets: fear as an engine of change, as a foundational element of our collective fears, as a force that shapes our everyday decisions and emotions. Artists are encouraged to use a variety of mediums and techniques, so we expect to see works that are provocative, that stimulate viewers’ minds and hearts, leading them to explore their own relationship with fear.


The Prize is open to all artists of all ages. Each artist may participate by submitting an unpublished or unpublished work/project/installation.

It will be possible to apply from the publication of this announcement until May 1, 2024. Below are the techniques allowed in the competition and the maximum dimensions to be met:

Painting and Grafica works made in full stylistic and technical freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, grafite, pencil, collage, etchings, engravings) and on any medium (canvas, paper, wood, plastic, iron, etc.).

The maximum size allowed is 100 cm per side.

Sculpture and Installation works created in any organic or inorganic material, may also make use of sound, light, video and mechanical or electrical movements. The maximum dimensions allowed are: base 60 cm depth 60 cm height 170 cm, weight limits 20 kg. Inarttendu Gallery’s exhibition space does not provide dark spaces.

Photograph or series of photographs in analog or digital media, in color or black and white. The maximum size allowed is 100 cm per side. Video Art and Video Shorts, film, slow motion, timelapse, and works made with all animation techniques on any digital and analog media, cinematographic, computer grafica short films. Maximum length 15 minutes. To apply, the video file must be sent by email and must not supper 500 Mb.


The work shall not contain, under penalty of exclusion: drawings or writings that may be offensive of public decency, morals, the person or ideas of individual citizens, public or private associations, political, religious, ethnic groups; explicit or implicit advertising messages; violent scenes or messages of a sexual nature.

PRIZES 10 works will be selected to participate in the group exhibition of finalists in the Arte Alta competition to be held from September 5 to September 29, 2024.

FIRST PRIZE €2,000 prize awarded to the first classed work . A 25% withholding tax will be deducted from the prize money as per law.

SECOND PRIZE A solo exhibition in the Inarttendu Exhibition Space in Aosta in 2024.

THIRD PRIZE Artist residency. The artist residency program at Inarttendu aims to offrire the artist a space and time in which to create new works and participate in new activities in a culturally stimulating environment. Up for grabs is an 8-day artist residency from August 15 to August 22, 2024. Included in the residency are: accommodation, curatorial assistance, work space, final exhibition, other public meeting activities.

The winners of the first prize, second prize, and artist residency will be announced during the opening of the ten finalists’ exhibition, and will be posted online the following day; the winners will be selected from within the ten finalists. The competition will provide extensive free online visibility through social and web channels of Alina Art Foundation and Inarttendu, media of the Aosta Valley region.


International artists of all ages can enter the competition. To enter the competition send an email including the following information:

First and last name
Title of the work/project – Description – Images of the work/project (300dpi in JPG and/or PDF format)

– and portfolio with 10 photos of other works of the artist ( total max 10 Mb)

It will be possible to apply from the publication of this call for applications until May 1, 2024.


The works will be evaluated by a jury composed of: Sanda Sudor, President of Alina Art Foundation, Luciano Seghesio, President of the cultural association Inarttendu ( Aosta), Daria Jorioz ( manager at Department Superintendence for Cultural Heritage and Activities Valle D’Aosta), Baharak Dehghan ( curator Netherlands), Barbara Pavan ( curator Italy).

The jury will take into consideration the characteristics of international art contemporary and of the various artistic filons and according to criteria of quality, research and technical ability. The jury reserves the right to evaluate all material submitted. The finalists will be contacted by email and the selected names will be online at the Alina Art Foundation website and Inarttendu May 15, 2024. Transportation costs for the 10 finalist works will be borne by the organizers. The decisions of the award juries are final and unquestionable.


The work submitted in the competition by the winner of the first prize will become the property of Alina Art Foundation, with all property rights. One of the works created by the winning artist of the special prize “artist residency” during the same residency will become the property of Inarttendu, with all patrimonial rights; this work will be chosen by Luciano Seghesio as the president of the association and the Inarttendu Exhibition Space.


Each artist stands surety for the originality of his or her work and will be personally liable, in all venues, judicial and extrajudicial, before third parties who complain of any injury to rights.


Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of all rules and articles in this announcement.


The Contemporary Art Space Inarttendu and Alina Art Foundation , while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works received, disclaims any responsibility for any theft, fire or damage of any kind, to the works or people, that may verificate during all phases of the event.