BEES – Virtual Exhibition International Weaving

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The weaving group International Weaving presents its third virtual International Weaving Exhibition with the theme ‘BEES’. Woven art by weavers from UK, France, and The Netherlands can be seen in the virtual exhibition from 1 April 2024. See or

Theme ‘BEES
Bees, at first glance, might not be an obvious choice for an exhibition seeking diverse interpretations in weave. But dive into the hive and you will find a treasure trove of systems, actions, meanings and associations: patterns of behaviour in the insect (and human) world, climate change, swarms, vision, communication, productivity, reproduction, division of labour, produce, home-building, colonies plus how busy life is in general (and seems to get busier). Whether the approach is from politics, observation, dance, perspective, ecology or any other vantage point, bees have it all!