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Botanically coloured. Plants and textures in the hands of women between north-western Argentina and Italy

Italiano (Italian)

Traditions, science and haute couture united in a project of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

On 8 September at 11.00 a.m. at Casa Argentina in Rome, the project “WarmiPura” on the recovery of traditional techniques of fabric dyeing with extracts of native plants, started in Tafí del Valle (Tucumán-Argentina) by Liliana Pastrana (Gruppo WarmiPura – Comunità Diaguita Calchaquí – Tafí del Valle – Argentina) will be presented in presence and on its YouTube Channel.

The project is assisted by Professors Silvia Radice (Universidad de Morón – CONICET – Argentina) and Edgardo Giordani (DAGRI -University of Florence – RCAI) and enriched by the participation of Eleonora Riccio, a botanical designer from Rome.

Edgardo will present the project, Silvia will emphasise the importance of native plant species, Liliana will recount her experience on the recovery of the traditions of the diaguita-calchaquí Community, and Eleonora will present the magical scarves born from the collaboration with the ‘WarmiPura’ women’s group

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