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Carapelli Firenze promotes the Carapelli for Art award, a visual arts competition born with the intention of enhancing, promoting and supporting contemporary artists on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Tuscan company. The competition is open to all professional visual artists who operate in the various artistic fields and to students of the Fine Arts Academies.

Now in its fourth edition, in this particular and delicate historical moment, the award also intends to give concrete support to the sector of art and culture, hard hit by the global emergency

Carapelli renews also for 2021 its support to art and culture. Carapelli for Art, international award for visual arts, announces its IV° edition. From Saturday, March 27th until July 3rd 2021, will be online the free call for entries for the “Open” and “Academy” categories, referring to the new theme:

“Sustainability: There are values that in a particular historical period become more than important: they become necessary. Sustainability is the model of development indicated as the solution now achievable since it is able to balance the growth of the current generation with that of future generations. There is a close proximity with a concept that runs through entire eras of human culture, namely harmony, as an agreement between equal and different elements from which a positive result derives. Art certainly has a central role in the construction of a sustainable and harmonious present: the artworks propose visions, meanings, realizations, behaviours, and responsibilities – from economy to environment, from work to social relations – fundamental for our, still new, twenty-first century.”

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