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Clover-20 (2020) di Laura GuildA

Artist: Laura GuildA
Curated by Barbara Pavan e Susanna Cati
Exhibition venue: SCD Studio | via Bramante 22N | Perugia
Dates: 22 August -10 September 2020
Opening: Saturday 22 August 2020, 5pm
Hours: by appointment at mob. 347 177 6001

The exhibition

Laura GuildA’s artistic research is strictly connected to the demands of contemporary society. Her vision of art is also a commitment to defend and support the ethical and social issues of our time to which she gives shape and voice through the yarn and textile fibers, the materials of choice for her works.

Also in FIL ROUGE, the personal exhibition that the  SCD Studio in Perugia hosts in their spaces of via Bramante 22N, from Saturday 22 August, GuildA proposes a series of works aimed at provoking a reflection on the working conditions generated by a society dedicated to an exasperated production of consumer products at low cost.

A red thread runs through all the jobs, tracing a painful trail of suffering – physical, economic, social – of which one is often not aware or are easily forgotten. From the scourge of child labor, to the exploitation of farm laborers to the sick dynamics of the fashion world, the thread becomes the narrative tool for small stories obscured by the needs of macroeconomics or, even worse, erased from the numbers of international finance.

The artist’s wish is that the work of art can solicit our responsibility as consumers and become active participants in favor of more virtuous choices. The exhibition itinerary concludes with the work created during the lockdown when the health emergency forced the whole world to review the plans and rhythms of industrial production. An opportunity to rethink development strategies and to imagine a different future.

The artist

Laura Guilda Grote aka Laura GuildA was born in 1986 and raised in Germany. After high school in Berlin and numerous training experiences in Spain and Switzerland, she moved to Milan where she began working in the fashion field. She graduated in Fashion & Textile Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) and in Visual Arts – Decoration at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

She worked for the painter Ercole Pignatelli and for the designer and textile artist Paola Besana. Her works are created with different technical processes such as knitting, sewing, weaving or felting by manipulating threads, fabrics, fibers and other materials. She also uses video as a medium to emphasize her installations which often refer to or criticize the fashion industry, mass production, consumer society and environmental pollution. She also creates sculptural dresses that always tell a story and that can be displayed and seen as wearable art.