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The call for proposals for the 5th LeArtiPossibili Biennial dedicated to wood and plant fibers is now open.

Climate change and its social and environmental consequences now seem irreversible and pose questions that can no longer be evaded. Awareness of the fragility of the planet and the need for urgent action to preserve the natural environment has become a priority and must trigger, both at the collective-governmental level and at the individual level, urgent and decisive actions.

The call for the 5th edition of LeArtiPossibili is an invitation to rediscover the deep connection with nature and to work together to build a world in which harmony between humans and the environment can become the key to a new sustainable lifestyle, based on the values of respect and responsibility. Wood, understood as a natural primary element, has been chosen as the representative material for the biennium 2024-2025, in continuity with past editions of LeArtiPossibili exhibitions that identify a specific material as the common thread among different artistic productions.

Wood is raw material as a natural element derived from the tree, a moment of encounter between the earth and the sky in its stretching out in the space between its roots and branches. A symbol par excellence of life, of birth and development from a small seed, an emblem of resilience because of its ability to adapt to different seasons, the tree is also a primal home and source of food for animal and human beings. The tree’s structure also recalls that of man because of its upright posture, as does the sap our circulatory system.

A material proper to sculpture, wood is also a support for painting along with plant fiber canvases. From the historical avant-gardes to contemporary art, wood is used in new ways: shaped and assembled wooden boards, objects made of wood or plant fibers inserted into works, compositions made with fragments of plant fibers or recycled and discarded wood. In fiber art, plant fibers together with wood have contributed to many different expressive researches.

The call for entries “WOODS AND VEGETABLE FIBERS” ends on May 5, 2024 and is open to artists, creatives and creatives, individual(s) or groups of free aggregation or led by professional figures who in different spheres – such as art therapy ateliers, educational, care and rehabilitation facilities, educational institutions, etc. – make use of the artistic tool as a means of expression, relationship and care.

Works made of wood in its natural state and its derivatives are allowed, as well as plant fibers in their natural coloring or in the shades of the palette indicated in the full announcement available at Processing techniques and permitted sizes are also indicated on the site. Participation is free for those who join. Groups are asked to make a free donation.

The exhibition will take place at Stecca3, 26 De Castillia Street, Milan, from Wednesday, Oct. 16 to Sunday, Oct. 20, 2024.

Closing date: May 5, 2024
Exhibition: October 16-20, 2024 | Stecca3, Milan

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