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Carpet weaving, conservation and restoration: Festina Lente promotes a weekend of workshops and lectures

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On the occasion of the widespread event NATURALES QUAESTIONES scheduled in Bobbio (PC), one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Festina Lente Laboratorio di Restauro Tessili Antichi promotes two events.

On Saturday, September 2, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., it is organizing a “Carpet Weaving Workshop,” a basic introductory course on the history, functions and execution techniques of weaving traditional carpets. The workshop will include the practical execution on a tablet loom of a small rug, using the basic technique and related weaving effects: warp insertion, symmetrical and asymmetrical knot, kilim and sumak technique. Appointment at the Studio in Contrada dei Donati 9/11. Reservation required by August 30. Materials kit provided. For info and costs: or mob. +39 340 8076739 / +39 320 5760684

Sunday, Sept. 3, 3:30 p.m., promotes under the patronage of the Municipality at the Philippe Daverio Auditorium in Piazzetta Santa Chiara, the conference “The care of works of art: dialogues and reflections on restoration, conservation and protection of cultural heritage”

The care of works of art is a fundamental process to ensure their preservation over time. This practice takes the form of very specific methodological choices that go through the definition of a variety of activities that all contribute to the preservation and protection of the material of which the artifacts are made.
Through the testimonies, experiences and studies conducted by cultural heritage restorers, we will go to investigate the practices of good conservation in different areas, reflecting on all those actions implemented especially through preventive conservation, aimed at taking care of the work of art without touching it.

Curated by Festina Lente Studio, Laboratory of Antique Textile Restoration, it will include a talk by speaker Elisa Monfasani with the participation of Dr. Giulio Claudio Barbiera, Restorer of Stone Materials and Derivatives and Antique Paper, Conservation and Restoration by Anna Bianchi, laboratory of restoration of books, paper, parchments, prints.

This will be followed by a demonstration workshop of the executive techniques constitutive the main categories of textiles with practical demonstration by Emanuela Fistos of Festina Lente of the materials and executive techniques constitutive some of the ancient textiles.

Participation in the conference is free and does not require reservations.