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Art Site Fest – GIULIA NELLI Reverbero di luce. All’ombra del silenzio

Italiano (Italian)

Site-specific artwork – Church of the Holy Spirit Piazza San Secondo, Govone

The festival program for Govone hosts a site-specific installation by Giulia Nelli for the Church of the Holy Spirit. The extraordinarily evocative Baroque setting, already used in previous editions, dialogues with the artist’s fiber architectures, natural and artificial, inviting the public to enjoy the space and immerse themselves in a new suspended dimension.

“The need to approach nature with greater respect, imposes a different approach, as Arne Næss suggested, which cannot be of mere technical resolution of problems such as climate change or resource depletion. – says Domenico Maria Papa, artistic director of Art Site Fest –We need to build a different culture, one that is more attentive and conscious. In this, art can help us.”