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The call for participating in the 18th International Fiber Art Competition by TRAME A CORTE which will take place in Rocca di Sala Baganza (PR) from 11-19 September 2021 is online. The theme of this edition is ECO-HOPE.

The competition is open to weavers and Fiber Art artists (patchwork, felt, nunofeltro, embroidery, etc.) without age limits who are invited to develop the proposed theme by interpreting it in an autonomous and personal way. The work must be handmade with dimensions for tapestries min. cm. 40×40 and max cm. 120×120 and free instead for clothes or three-dimensional works. Installations and performances upon proposal.

Project and description of the work to be carried out will be submitted by email to aarcadia@libero.it by April 26, 2021. The admission or exclusion of each project is unquestionable. The registration of the admitted artists must be received no later than May 20, 2021.

The admitted artists must send 2 images in good resolution, in JPG format, on a dark / light or neutral background and the data of the work (measurements, title, materials and technique) and updated exhibition curriculum for the purposes of catalog printing.

The works must be received by August 25, 2021: foreign authors are particularly advised to send the work as a “worthless sample” to avoid delays at customs and additional customs fees. The works must be sent by that date to: Arcadia Cultural Association, Via Canali 11, 43038 Sala Baganza.

Other events will be organized simultaneously with the event. The Jury made up of Superintendency, University, Department of Culture and an Art Historian will view the works and assign the prizes following the criteria of relationship between technique and composition and personal creative language. The jury’s opinion is unquestionable.

Prizes: 1st Prize € 450; 2nd Prize € 300; 3rd Prize € 200; Audience Award € 150; Design Award € 100 and other prizes to be determined.

The organizers are responsible for: the exhibition rooms, the storage service before and during the exhibition, the unpacking and packaging of the works and their return within 30 days from the end of the exhibition, any photographs of works that are not perfectly legible, publication of the catalog paper, creation and printing of posters and invitations, press releases, organization of the artists’ dinner on the day of the inauguration.

The choice of the place and space reserved for each work or its arrangement is not subject to the opinion of the exhibitors.

The exhibitors are responsible for: the registration fee, the shipment of the works and the cost of any return with registered mail. The return of works in other countries is subsequent to the payment of the expected expense. The awarded works  stay  with those who organize the event while all the others are returned in the manner described above.

ARCADIA reserves the right to publish the photographs of the event and to bring the winning works on display in other cities. The organizers are always present during the event and decline any responsibility for fire or theft. The Rocca di Sala Baganza is protected by a night security system

Any further information, details, participation forms, etc. by contacting: Arcadia Cultural Association, tel and fax 0521-834261; aarcadia@libero.it; www.Craft-italia.com; mob. 338,8073592; FB Antonia Sorsoli – Arcadia