INVENTARIO 20 – Third Edition BIENNAL FIBER ART – Sardinia

Italiano (Italian)

Curated by Baingio Cuccu and Anna Rita Punzo
August 05 – November 05 2023
Murats Museum, Samugheo

“The weave, the thread, the knot, the plot,
are taken as elements of a visual and plastic language (…)
a dialectic of fullness and emptiness, warp and weft, positive and negative.”
Marie Frechette

It has been four years since the first edition of Inventory 20, the biennial exhibition that the Unique Regional Museum of Sardinian Textile Art – MURATS – in Samugheo, dedicates to the research, knowledge and valorization of contemporary Fiber production in Sardinia. The exhibition, conceived and curated by MURATS Museum Director Baingio Cuccu and Anna Rita Punzo, presents the technical, material, conceptual, design and performance declinations of a fluid, dynamic, constantly evolving artistic movement, capable of bringing together stylistically different experiences and research, united by the use of the same medium, fiber, understood in its broadest sense as thread, fabric, cloth, paper, pulp, natural and synthetic raw material.

The exhibition, opened on Saturday, August 5, at 7. 00 at the MURATS Museum’s convention hall, in the presence of Samugheo Mayor Basilio Patta, culture councillor Elisabetta Sanna and the curators, reveals an intense, original and complex artistic reality, capable of translating disused objects, offcuts and Fast fashion garments into upcycling works, declining traditional manufacturing techniques – such as weaving, embroidery, sewing and weaving – into daring creative experiments, converting fiber into a powerful narrative tool of today’s society, personal feeling and collective experience.

The third chapter of the inventory launched in 2019 is entrusted to the works of eleven authors from Sardinia, or active in Sardinia, which will be flanked by the works of the new exhibition section reserved for a shortlist of young students of the Academy of Fine Arts “Mario Sironi” (Sassari) who, during their training, have been confronted with the multiple expressive possibilities of Fiber-art.

Artists in the exhibition:

Giuseppe Loi, Beatrice Marinoni, Stefano Marongiu, Nicola Mette, Paola Giuseppina Moretti, Piero Angelo Orecchioni, Luis Guilherme Chalréo Ramos, Mabi Sanna, Stefano Serusi, Gédéon Tatti, Giorgio Urgeghe.

“Mario Sironi” Academy of Fine Arts Section:

Daniela Branca, Silvia Cara, Roberta Causin, Nicola Cioglia, Laura (Puggioni) Kaamos, Alice Patteri, Luca Zedda.