MI RI-CUCIO Relational artwork by Beatrice Bartolozzi

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Eredità delle Donneand Toscanalab Firenze present  MI RI-CUCIO
Relational work by Beatrice Bartolozzi
With the participation of Silvia Petronici, independent curator

The festival, which this year will be held Nov. 24-26 to embrace the International Day Against Violence Against Women, is the first event in Italy to give voice to female speakers, confronting major contemporary issues. Different generations of female scientists, politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, activists, writers, artists and environmentalists meet at L’Eredità delle Donne. The festival dedicated to women’s empowerment aims to tell the story of contemporaneity through its protagonists, to rediscover the role women have had and continue to have in the different fields of knowledge and society, and thus contribute to the progress and legacy we will leave to future generations.

For this occasion, the Toscanalab art and art therapy association in Florence, an association that promotes the well-being of the person and is involved in offering experiences to discover the creative process, selected from the festival’s call will offer the opportunity to meet the research of artist Beatrice Bartolozzi and the working group that created the work Mi Ri-CUCIO with her.

Beatrice calls herself a little Sherazade, a weaver of stories, welcoming them to give them a voice. She believes in the value and cathartic power of storytelling, both as a healing and relational tool. She uses different modalities and languages in her artistic research, focusing on relational works and sentimental mappings. Textile art, women’s works such as embroidery become, therefore, an instrument of relationship.

The project was born with the need to “stitch” a new skin through the sharing of stories in order to create a sentimental/narrative mapping that starts from the figure of the woman as generator and curator and touches on the themes of transformation, freedom, and self-awareness by working on the concept of dress as a second skin.

Participants contributed to the enrichment of the sentimental map with a story meaningful to them.

At the end of the project, a double-face cloak and a dress were created containing the symbolic images and a sentimental mapping of the narrative path indicating our journey and that of the stories. The threads are the trace of the new relationships woven.


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24 – 6 to 8 p.m. (free access)

The work will be presented with a performance by Elisa Zadi and a sound installation curated by Stefano De Ponti.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25 and SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26 – 3 to 6 p.m. (free access)

Exhibition of the work to learn more about its meaning, meet the artist and other protagonists of the project. If you want to bring your own story…

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An initiative of the OFF calendar of the L’Eredità delle Donne festival, under the artistic direction of @serenadandini, the event is a project of @elastica_events, founding partners @fondazionecrfirenze and @gucci, with the co-promotion of the @cittadifirenzefficial, the collaboration of @elle_italia and the participation of @manifatturatabacchifi, the festival’s main venue.”

L’Eredità delle Donne | Florence, November 24-26, 2023 |