The Entangled Life – Intertwined and Woven Art – Forms and metaphors of the Living

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photo: Brankica Zilovic Chauvain, Life (détail), embroiderie on felt, 186 x 450 cm, 2018. Courtesy Galerie Laure Roynette

Artists: Élodie Antoine, Laura Bartier, Amy Gross, Janaina Mello Landini, Luz Moreno Pinart, Élise Peroi, Brankica Zilovic Chauvain, and the artistic collectives, FIBRA (Gabriella Flores del Pozo, Lucia Monge, Gianine Tabja), and The Matribiotes (Luz Moreno Pinart, Charlotte Gautier Van Tour)
Curator: Christopher Yggdre

November 17th to November 30th
Wilde, Paris 4è
Fondation LAccolade – Institut de France

Amy Gross, Flora Hereditas (detail), mix techniques, 71 x 79 x 23 cm, 2021 Courtesy Momentum Gallery

There is no possible understanding of the living except by conceiving it as entanglement and intertwining. These notions are opposed to that of separation. To tie with the living is to intertwine what has been untied, abandoned, it is to plead that entanglement is the architecture of the living in all its extent and diversity, it is to accept the entanglement with non-humans and all elements of nature. The living is a tangled and intertwined continuity.

The title of this exhibition is borrowed from Merlin Sheldrake’s book The Entangled Life, which evokes the immense power of the mycelium which is inserted all around us and plays a decisive role in the concert of life by linking the plant world but also part of the animal world.

“We make a hypothesis. This consists in particular in seeing in the use of textile techniques in art a perfect metaphor for an art of interlacing and entanglement. We therefore wanted to invite for this exhibition artists who weave, braid, bind materials, and who celebrate the relationship as what is tied in an infinite web.

Fiber is one of the narrative threads of this exhibition. If in the etymological sense the fiber is what is at the end, in the sense of use, the fiber is what is at the heart of the material when it is broken down, unraveled. The fiber is a binder whether it is of vegetable, animal or mineral origin, or even closer to our contemporary universes, the artificial fiber is a binder for all current communication.

All the works in the exhibition, including the rhizomatic installation in nettle fiber – a metaphor for the nettle root network – by Luz Moreno Pinart, the phantasmagorical and proliferating creatures in silk velvet or linen by Élodie Antoine, the “Life” fresco by Brankica Zilovic Chauvain, the “Le Jardin Suspendu” sculpture by Élise Péroi, the works from the “Ciclotrama” series by Janaina Mello Landini, the woven and performance painting “Semence Collective” by Laura Bartier, the interlaced sculpture “Flora Heredita” by Amy Gross, the installations of the FIBRA collective, and finally the performance of the Matribiotes, sketch a metaphorical and baroque landscape of the entanglement of the living.” (Christopher Yggdre, Curator of the exhibition).