Italiano (Italian)

Review by Susanna Cati

ISSUE 9 – Language: English – Pages 208

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MacGuffin is a Dutch magazine for designers and architects from which you will be dazzled by its ability to be the most in-depth compendium of objects in the world of independent magazines.  For each issue this six-monthly magazine  chooses an object of our daily life and enters into every aspect of its existence, dissects it, tells its features, how it is used, narrates the philosophies and stories it holds.

That single object to which all the pages are dedicated is told by a myriad of perspectives which, as in an inspiring kaleidoscope, leave the reader numerous food for thought.

THE RUG is an issue entirely dedicated to carpets. We enter a bazaar full of carpet jungles; war, hairy and prayer rugs; magic, airport and travel carpets; doormats, tatamis and coconut mats; brick, concrete and peanut butter carpets; carpets from Pakistan, Palestine, Persia and Poland.

Among the signatures: Sarah Arnolds, Alessandra Covini, Rachel Dedman, Krijn Giezen, Kayla Mattes, Samuel Nyholm, Hannah Ryggen, Scheltens & Scheltens & Abbenes, Alice Twemlow.