UTOPICHE SEDUZIONI. From New Materials to Recycled Art. From Piero Manzoni to the latest generations.

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photo: Marina Gasparini, Bandiera Rossa, 2022, ritaglio e ricamo su tessuto, 140×275 cm

Marina Gasparini, Bandiera Rossa, 2022, ritaglio e ricamo su tessuto, 140x275 cm

Curated by Nadia Stefanel and Matteo Galbiati
Opening: Saturday, October 28, 6 p.m.

The Dino Zoli Foundation of Forli presents the project CHANGES. Change as the urgency of sustainability, which aims to explore the environmental theme through the art exhibition Utopiche Seduzioni. From New Materials to Recycled Art. From Piero Manzoni to the Latest Generations and a series of talks with free admission, according to an approach that is not only aesthetic but also ethical, with references to the world of research, science, technology, history, philosophy and sociology.

Curated by Nadia Stefanel and Matteo Galbiati, the exhibition will open on Saturday, October 28 at 6 p.m. Reservations are recommended.

Important loans, works from the permanent collection of the Dino Zoli Foundation, and a careful monitoring of contemporary artistic research will lead the visitor through fifty years of reflections, animated by different sensibilities and aesthetic principles, linked to the different historical moments in which the works saw the light of day.

Piero Manzoni, Achrome, 1961-62, fibra di vetro, 61,5×46 cm. Ph. Agostino Osio © Fondazione Piero Manzoni, Milano

The exhibition itinerary, which also includes a selection of works by Piero Manzoni from the Piero Manzoni Foundation in Milan, Piero Gilardi and Enrico Cattaneo, is articulated through the research of mid-career artists (Afran, Valerio Anceschi, Alessio Barchitta, Andrea Cereda, Marina Gasparini, Roberto Ghezzi, Thierry Konarzewski, Margherita Levo Rosenberg, Lulu Nuti, Valentina Palazzari Francesca Pasquali, Artan Shalsi, Sasha Vinci) and emerging artists (Lucia Bonomo, Michele Di Pirro, Cesare Galluzzo, Miriam Montani, Giulia Nelli, Anuska Sarkar) to represent an admittedly biased and selected cross-section of the art scene from the 1960s to the present.

They will range from Manzoni’s celebrated Achromes to site-specific works by Francesca Pasquali, Giulia Nelli and Valentina Palazzari, created for the occasion and intended for total recycling, passing through other works in which materials are intentionally reused. Also on display will be some paintings by Enrico Baj and Renata Boero, part of the permanent collection of the Dino Zoli Foundation.

Piero Manzoni, Achrome, 1962, pallini di ovatta, 20×27 cm. Ph. Bruno Bani © Fondazione Piero Manzoni, Milano

“The personal conviction of the need to change our way of life towards eco-sustainable behaviors,” says Monica Zoli, partner of Dino Zoli Group, “inevitably influences our entrepreneurial activities as well, stimulating reflections and the desire for deeper insights. The idea of carrying out the CHANGES project was born more than a year ago with the aim of sharing, with interdisciplinary collaborations, knowledge and experiences born in various fields, with multiple subjects and different languages, to stimulate the widest possible collective awareness. The project, organized by Fondazione Dino Zoli, could not be separated from an exhibition of contemporary art, thus Utopiche Seduzioni comes to life with the works of extraordinary artists, messengers of vivifying insights that we are happy to make available to everyone.”

Margherita Levo Rosenberg, La violazione dalla serie Garofanie, 2023, pellicole radiografiche decofix, circa 90x80x30 cm