Italiano (Italian)

Federica Gonnelli | Sara Lovari | Elisa Zadi
curated by Laura Monaldi
Space Zero – contemporary art
September 23, 2023 – January 6, 2024
Free Entrance

Identities lost and found
Identities hidden and unveiled.
Truths concealed in the masks of the contemporary.
Harmonies lost in oblivion, in the swirl of change and fluidity of today’s society.

The exhibition is an invitation to get involved, to rediscover and regenerate oneself, but also to analyze the theme of identity, between appearance and substance, in the mutability of time and the dynamics of the vicissitudes of the world. Federica Gonnelli‘s organza, Sara Lovari‘s installations and Elisa Zadi‘s painting confront each other in unison among self-portraits, fragments, papers that tell, snapshots of life lived, shots that leave their mark deep inside. The works on display represent a dialogue between the artists, a conversation that has the features of a reflection in the mirror, of a sharing of intent, with a critical look at the present but turned to the future. The title of the exhibition, not surprisingly, refers to a precise awareness: it is an invitation addressed to the viewer to dress up, to confront reality and the future that awaits.

RELIANZA . Federica Gonnelli

Look at me,
Read me
face to face
Look for yourself

A urge to confront, to reflect deeply, to come face to face, to know and re-know the identity and the changing self and other. A stimulus to tread the boundary of belonging and connect outside one’s self, seeking the gateway that allies the existing with existence: to grasp the ethics of reliance and be resilient beyond the confusing eddies of actuality.

Identity is an elusive dimension, dynamic in its evolution and adaptation to the declinations of reality, like a second skin. Often elusive and veiled by the infinite masks of the world, capable of losing itself inexplicably and forgetting the harmonies of the past

Vis-à-Vis is the artists’ invitation to share fragments of self, to find connections, to read within and regenerate; to investigate identity, one’s own and others’; to travel in lost time and in the possible worlds that man can create inside and outside himself.

RELIANZA, Federica Gonnelli