This present, which changed our experience of doing in person and forced us to go virtual, allowed the XXIV Minitextiles Show to expand in its call, both federally and internationally. As a result, on the one hand we lost the always cherished and expected physical proximity to the works; on the other, we have gained in the variety and plurality of voices and ways of doing them.
This new way of living the works – since the textile engages us in the physical sensory experience of all the senses, not only with the sense of sight – introduces us to a new experience, since it encourages us to experience a look that seeks recreate everything that presence allows us to find in the expression of each work, artist, ways of seeing and saying.
The minitextile is a specific category that involves us in a more intimate relationship with the work, with the metaphor, with the weft, with the technique and with the material, in a time typical of making textiles. It is a work that invites us to cradle it in our hands and that calls us to reflection in its minimal expression.
The 190 artists who accompanied this call enriched the presentation with their gaze and their personal practices in doing. With this catalog of the awarded and selected works, we invite you to share the works and sayings of these artists.

Estela Halpert Member of the jury (text taken from the catalog created by Gabriela Nirino for the Argentine Textile Art Center)

The selection of the artworks of the 190 artists who adhered to the call launched by the Argentine Center of Textile Art was concluded and the winners were announced whose artworks are visible and downloadable for free in the catalog published on the website

Estela Halpert
María Ortega
Beatriz Schaaf- Giesser
Berta Teglio Delia Tossoni

Below are the photos of the first three awarded works: