Circular fashion. Potenzialità e sfide dell’economia circolare per il settore moda

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F.FRI talks restart: in October it’s the turn of circular economy

Bologna, Sept. 12, 2023 – After the summer break, the cycle of talks dedicated to sustainable fashion and fashion heritage resumes at the Bologna headquarters of Fondazione Fashion Research Italy. The first of the 2nd semester will address an important topic on the fashion agenda: the circular economy.

Oct. 12 h. 5 p.m. | Via del Fonditore 12, Bologna

The event follows last May’s presentation of AI 24-25 textile and fashion trends and innovations, in collaboration with Milano Unica and Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, which confirms sponsorship by joining Carpi Fashion System and Clust-ER Create to represent the Emilia business fabric committed to adopting the new regenerative paradigm.

A substantial change from the traditional manufacturing logic of the fashion system, which can still be defined as linear, since in most cases it rests on the consumption of virgin raw materials for the creation of the yarns with which garments are made, ultimately destined to end up in incinerators or landfills: a production approach defined as take-make-use-dispose (resources-produce-consume-dispose), nowadays is no longer acceptable, neither for consumers nor for institutions. It is no longer just an ethical qualm, but stringent regulations-such as the European Strategy for Sustainable Textiles, established by the European Commission-that seek to address the unevenness of fashion’s long production chains, to bring this polluting sector closer to the circular economy.

On these topics Circular fashion will bring together institutions, businesses, professionals and multi-utilities to provide participants with an insight into the separate collection of textiles, the regulation of the new EPR model at the European level and the next supply chain challenges related to environmental labeling, packaging and ecodesign.

Speakers will include Silvia Gambi, journalist and author of the Solo Moda Sostenibile podcast; Massimo Garuti, Innovation referent of Carpi Fashion System; Filippo Forni , Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Confindustria Emilia Area Centro; Maria SIlvia Pazzi, Founder & CEO Regenesi; Claudia D’Angelo, Head of Archives and Sustainability Point Fondazione FRI. Moderating will be Andrea Guolo, journalist for Milano Finanza Fashion and Vogue Italia.

Attendance is free with reservations required by Oct. 5 at | 0516037841. For more information:


F.FRI is a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 in Bologna by entrepreneur Alberto Masotti, former CEO of the luxury lingerie group La Perla, with the ambition of stimulating the growth of Italian SMEs through targeted consulting and training paths. A longtime supporter of the corporate culture and know-how proper to the Italian fashion industry, it passes on its textile tradition through a valuable textile design archive. 30,000 ancient and modern designs on paper and fabric, and 5,000 inspirational volumes, catalogued and digitized for consultation by style offices, designers and garment makers. A heritage of immense artistic and cultural value, recently enriched with more than 2,500 samples of textiles, accessories and packaging with sustainability features, to encourage the design of collections that respect the environment and workers, and are devoted to innovation.

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