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Italiano (Italian)

From wire couture to clothes to sow, Elvezia Allari’s work intertwines different themes, techniques and materials while always keeping the attention focused on nature and the relationship between it and man. Hers is an art that ranges from traditional weaving, to ancient surplice of armor, to contemporary fiber art, to oriental macramé in a delicate and refined alchemy of paper dresses and natural elements – seeds, flowers, branches, which creates complex installations with a powerful and suggestive narrative.

Light, airy, delicate elements created to ‘dress‘ the earth and others to connect it with man: her is an invitation to inhabit Eden, that is, that wonderful garden which is above all an emotional and metaphorical space: the place of the spirit where to take refuge, the precious space of freedom where to sow and cultivate a harmonious and conscious relationship with nature which cannot be ignored by our very existence.

Elvezia Allari completed her artistic studies and then graduated as an architectural restorer for stone and fresco. Posing as an art model for academies and artists, she realizes for the first time that the body is the only house we really live in, the only one that is really essential to protect, starting her research on clothes as a second skin, as a means of communication between oneself and the other.A research that leads to the creation of clothes that are homage and a medium of relationship with Mother Earth when she moves to  the green of the Berici hills; the influence of the natural environment leads her to develop a poetics that embraces all the realities we inhabit, from our body to our planet. Here the clothes to be sown take shape and make up highly evocative installations and performances in which she invites to take care of our garden, or the environment in which we live and with which we must learn to establish a respectful and harmonious relationship, giving back and not subtracting gifts from the Land.

The artist has active projects and exhibitions in national and international contexts. Just to name a few: she designed and created for McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in collaboration with A.N.G.E.L.O for the Vintage Fashion Festival 2014 clothes reproduced as works of wire couture; in 2006 she was one of the artists invited to the Textile Triennial in Bratislava. Her works are present in private collections and foundations in Italy and abroad. Her work has been the focus of research and university studies.

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