Guido Nosari De Danieli – CORPO CHE PREGA

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Anfora Association is pleased to present CORPO CHE PREGA, a solo exhibition by Guido Nosari De Danieli. The project presents four textile installations created during the artist residency for this event, never previously exhibited and united by the search for a new representation of the human body.

The exhibition features four large kimonos made of fabric and metals. During his residency in the Lecco spaces, which lasted 1 month, Guido Nosari De Danieli came into contact with different figures who inhabit and have inhabited the association’s social housing space.

Working together he had them make ‘body schemes,’ life-size drawings of their own bodies reproduced with colors, symbols and signs, expanded in space and reinterpreted. This practice leads the subjects to a bodily self-representation influenced by intimate self-perception, emotional states, shortcomings and lived experiences.

From these drawings, the author has created as many textile installations from the concept of the kimono, a garment to be dressed by the body.

Through these works, intimacy dresses the body, in a reversal that investigates the concept of portraiture and denudes bodies by dressing them.

On display are these artworks:

Corpo che prega;
Corpo abusato;
Corpo in bilico;
Corpo che sogna.


Guido Nosari De Danieli (b. 1984, Bergamo) lives and works between Milan and Bergamo. He graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, following a law degree in Statale. Solo exhibitions include: Red Thread, (bi- solo with Heather Breadsley), ShangYuan Modern Art Museum, Beijing, (China), 2019; n=n→1, Vanna Casati, Mar-Apr, Bergamo (Italy), 2018; A Tallit for the Neue Synagoge, Neue Synagoge Museum, Feb-Jul,Berlin (Germany), 2015. Group exhibitions include: MiniArtextil, Miniartextil, Le Beffroi de Montrouge, Paris (FR), 2022; Utopian Proximities, Acropolis Remix pavilion at The Wrong Biennale nº5, Athens, 2022; MiniArtextil 30, Miniartextil, Broletto, Como (IT), 2021; Transatlantico, Mana Contemporary, New York (USA), 2020; Modern Panic IX, Guerrilla Zoo, Nov, London (England), 2018. Winner of numerous residencies (Paratissima, Palazzo Monti, Momentum, (…)) and awards (Fond. Fotografia Modena, BYINCA, (…)), his works are present in international public collections and published.

Creazione e rielaborazione degli 'schemi corporei'


Social housing is a creative project related to Anfora, which was born from the charism of Blessed Catherine and her sister Giuditta Cittadini. It is characterized by its focus on the younger generations and in particular on the “feminine,” with the strength that comes from a continuous search for listening and prayer.

The Amphora, born within the Ursuline Sisters of St. Jerome in Somasca, is an expression of the educational passion that accompanies the paths of effort. It is difficult to use words to express the momentum of welcoming and accompanying because “being with,” is a bit like putting on the other’s shoes.

Even more: putting oneself in the shoes of those who are crossed by pain, offering oneself as a companion for a stretch of the road.

The Amphora decided to open up to contemporary art by inaugurating an artist residency followed by a solo exhibition and choosing Guido Nosari De Danieli as its first guest. In his work he glimpsed an entering into living and a narrating what he feels using fabric, managing to be the visual form of the spirit that runs through the movement of the heart of those who dare to open the door … and stay close.

This exhibition accompanies the opening of the new spaces of the housing project ‘The Next Door. Beside whom? Next to loneliness; next to discomfort; next to pain.

But also alongside resources, capabilities, discovering one’s talents and masterpieces.

The exhibition will take place as part of the presentation program of the new building used for the housing project: The Next Door.


  • Thursday 12 h 45 Inauguration of the spaces
  • Friday 13 hrs. 00-8:30 p.m. Exhibition opening ‘Body that Prays’

Saturday 14 4 p.m. Doors opening to the public with musical events

Creazione e rielaborazione degli 'schemi corporei'
Creazione e rielaborazione degli 'schemi corporei'
Creazione e rielaborazione degli 'schemi corporei'
Creazione e rielaborazione degli 'schemi corporei'