Hollis Chatelain: THE FACES OF THE WORLD

Italiano (Italian)

Awareness through art

is Chatelain is an internationally recognized and award-winning artist specializing in textile painting.

After living 12 years in West Africa and participating in numerous missions with humanitarian organizations, Hollis, designer and photographer with over 35 years of experience as a professional artist, creates scenes of multicultural life, rich in color and magic, using the fabric she painted and adding depth and detail with a wise use of thread painting.

Observing her works we are captured by the expression of looks and faces that transmit emotions at a deep level and bring to the consciousness of the viewer the need to preserve the resources of the Earth, to respect the different ethnic groups and their customs that represent the real values of humanity.

His works have been described as:

 “easy to look at, but difficult to forget”

Hollis’ work can be found in public and private collections around the world. Hollis also holds conferences and workshops in the United States and abroad, during which he teaches the use of color, design, fabric dyeing, painting and quilting technique.

The website is full of information and photos, there are all the news about the artist and his works, their realization and a part dedicated to his publications and the e-shop:

Hollis Chatelain is also present on instagram and facebook: › Pages › Public Figure › Artist

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