• 5 February 2023 18:08

“LA STOFFA A QUADRI” Di Isabella Ducrot

Italiano (Italian)

With an essay by Emanuele Dattilo

Ed. Quodlibet

2018, pp. 96

120×182 mm, paperback, with colour illustrations



This book describes Isabella Ducrot’s encounter with Simone Martini’s triptych of the Annunciation. Starting from the observation of a strip of the angel’s robe, the author reflects on what is the raw material of her work: the fabric.

“For many years Isabella Ducrot has been painting and composing fabrics, fabrics and oriental prayer bandages in various ways, each time trying to show in those textile supports a breath that runs through them and enlivens them.

By freely composing the images, memories and reflections that accompanied her in her work as a painter, Isabella Ducrot has written in these pages, among other things, a confession of poetry.

Take any fabric, be it linen, silk or wool. The fabric is stretched more, against the light and it will be possible to see its texture, the original architecture, composed of crossed threads and voids, which represents the first object of inspiration of Isabella Ducrot. Ducrot’s fundamental intuition is that the men, in the textile artifact they have been creating and wearing for millennia, have done nothing but duplicate an original mental structure, which remains unchanged over millennia”.