PHILIPPE JACQ – Les Hommes qui cherchent la liberté et un toit

Italiano (Italian)

Solo exhibition
September 7 to November 5, 2023

Galerie Delphine COURTAY 120 Grand’Rue
67000 Strasbourg
Thursday through Saturday 2-7 p.m. and by appointment

Le temple idéal de Jaco. QG Art center

Galerie Delphine Courtay presents the exhibition Les Hommes qui cherchent la liberté et un toit, which marks his second collaboration with Montpellier-based artist Philippe Jacq (1971, Algeria).

Jacq’s work is closer to the art of the individual in the sense that he uses salvaged materials and crafts that he collects during his travels.

His paintings are enriched by weavings, carpet assemblages and embroidery and feathers that immerse us in the collective unconscious. Hybrid beings and mythological creatures question our relationship with nature.

His works illustrate encounters in which the animal is represented in all its power, in all its majesty. They appear as mysterious high reliefs, laden with secrets. Sculptural and totemic representations, with overloaded colors, speak to us of power, harmony, love and desire. Electric reds, pinks, oranges and blues collide, a colorful ardor put to the service of overflowing creative energy. They challenge the way we look at the world and our view of it, using primal and powerful beings in animal form as inspiration to build and launch us into a new era, stronger and more beautiful, filled with renewed energy and full of hope.

Immerse yourself in this animist ritual and enter the dance, barefoot in the earth, connected to the universe. Immerse yourself in this journey of initiation as the animals guide you along the path of inner transmutation and discovery of your true divine nature.

Philippe Jacq has often packed his bags since childhood, following his parents on his teacher father’s travels: he has lived in Algeria, Morocco and Istanbul, eventually returning to recharge in the family cradle, Brittany.

Each of these places has its own universe, its own creations, all of which are part of the painter’s memories in the making and will later find themselves at the center of his work. The artist makes this clear when he traces the link between his childhood in Oran and his current work: “In the studio I integrate all the past that binds me to that childhood, but also the discoveries of other cosmopolitan worlds, the East End of London, Chinatown in Paris, the Kreuzberg district in Berlin. Our society is multi-ethnic and multi-religious, and my art reflects that.

Using prayer rugs of various provenance, color and shape, she cuts out, rewraps and integrates patchwork elements. His work is linked to his nomadic past, but fully anchored in a present we all know: it is the beginning of the 21st century, the New York towers have collapsed. Philippe integrates planes into these carpets in a symbolic way that speaks to all of us. And then he goes on, weaving tighter and tighter threads between the different cultures he knows, until he creates a cosmopolitan universe that corresponds to his existence.

In a spontaneous syncretism, folk images and religious icons merge. Embroidery, made of large, brightly colored threads, is on display, proving that the hand of man still has the upper hand and will always be there to unite opposites…

Excerpt from “Artistes Occitanie, Les 30 artistes 2023,” 2022.

Philippe Jacq
Born in 1971. Lives in the south of France.

After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Metz and the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, he became a self-taught experimental filmmaker. His series of portraits of artists made around the world with his Super 8 camera remains the best known and has been the subject of numerous publications (cahiers du cinéma, but also in an anthology of avant-garde and experimental cinema, Jeune, Dure et Pure, published by the Cinémathèque Française).

His impressive gallery of portraits includes visual artists Louise Bourgeois, Jannis Kounellis and Gilbert and George, filmmakers Aki Kaurismaki, Paul Morrissey and Gérard Malanga, and rock legends Nick Cave and Patti Smith. Since 2001 he has set aside cameras and turned to sculpture and painting, a daily, abundant and solitary practice.

His works are in public collections (MUDAM Luxembourg, FRAC des Pays de la Loire, FRAC Alsace, FNAC Paris, etc.).


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