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The XS project

Italiano (Italian)

It is by acquiring one work of art after the other that we become collectors.

By starting with a small piece of art, we gradually get a taste for it and then discover that buying art is not only often more affordable than we think but, above all, it is an added value for everyone – artists, galleries, and culture.

Collecting is a practice that – one generation after another – has provided countries like Italy with a heritage of immense beauty that is now public and accessible to all.

The XS project promoted by ArteMorbida is an invitation to the new and young collectors of fibre art. Extended over a series of exhibitions and interventions in the context of art fairs or cultural events, XS aims to reach a wide audience encouraged to discover the languages ​​of contemporary textile art, and thanks to the small format of the works, to start or continue a collection.

The first exhibition appointment will be held in January, and it will offer works selected through a call open to all artists subscribers of ArteMorbida. The deadline to apply is November 10, 2022. More information about how to participate is available on request at The access is open to the magazine subscribers only and is part of a program of projects, publications, proposals and events dedicated to those who, with their concrete contribution, share ArteMorbida’s mission to spread and promote contemporary international fibre art.