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ArteMorbida’s -XS PROJECT- consists of textile works measuring 30 by 30 centimeters, the basic modules of a large group installation that, from time to time, will be visited in different exhibition venues.
It was present at BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera on January 13-14-15, at the ArteMorbida space , then exhibited in Maniago (PN), at the ina Morandini exhibition space and now, from December 16 to 23 in Rome, at the B49 exhibition space in the Pigneto district.
In line with the magazine’s mission, which for years has been committed to the promotion and dissemination of textile languages in the field of Art, the XS project aims to collect and show the evolution of contemporary fiber and textile art to the Italian public.
The main intent is to stimulate and inspire young collectors with small-scale, lower-investment artworks, which are selected by the AM XS PROJECT call for artists from different areas of the world.

At the same time and in the same space, the exhibition TRAME DI CARTE by Italian-American artist Roberto Mannino will take place.

In this series of works developed vertically, I have tried to unite traces and signs with the very matter that receives them. The matter paper is also matter-color. The fibers of paper, in their still wet state, are extremely vulnerable and receptive; they can be manipulated, perforated and superimposed. One thus discovers unusual possibilities of laminations and layering, where one can etch and shape the surface in a chase of reading levels between the will to draw and the response of the liquid and unstable surface of the forming sheet.

Roberto Mannino is an Italian-American artist and art teacher who since 1996 has focused his artistic research in the field of handmade paper, an interdisciplinary area of work where he combines Sculpture, Textiles and intaglio printing techniques, deepening their convergence through the expressive possibilities related to the processes of cellulose processing (papermaking). This research is undertaken as a plastic and chromatic tool, a privileged place in a self-referential artistic approach, linked to his own making of work, sensitive to the organic phenomenon and the nature of his own material.
He has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in Italy and abroad, including: Young Artists in Rome Under 35 at Palazzo Esposizioni in ’90, XII Quadriennale di Roma in ’96, Work in Progress 5 MACRO in ’98, Paper Road at Museo di Santa Maria della Scala in Siena in 2000, Holland Papier Biennale – Museum Rijswick, Le Hague 2004. His permanent installation Streams, 2013, can be seen at Palazzo Poli, home of the National Chalcography.

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