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Janis Ledwell-Hunt

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Janis Ledwell-Hunt is a self-taught Canadian fiber artist whose home and studio are nestled between forest, river, and ocean in the K’omoks Valley of Vancouver Island. Her work and interviews have been featured by online magazines, My Modern Met and Flapper Press. And in 2023, Janis completed her first solo exhibit at the Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fibre Arts Museum.

Guided by a sense of curiosity, Janis has always tackled diverse learning opportunities. In her 13-year career as a treeplanter, she’s planted well over a million trees while scavenging remote Canadian cut blocks for skulls, mushrooms, and various vital decompositions that present themselves in anthropocenic dystopias where natures and cultures of industry fatefully meet. This experience of labouring in an apocalyptic “wilderness” deforested for profit (yet never divested of agency) seeps into the subject matter and tone of Janis’ macrame sculptures.

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In 2013, Ledwell-Hunt graduated with a PhD in English from the University of Alberta.

Her academic research examines the relationship between self-starvation, modernist literature, and feminist philosophy. Having studied extensively in the Arts and Humanities, Janis brings expertise in critical theory to bear on her macrame creations. She sometimes finds the practice of sculpting  to share an affinity with writing: with drafting, performing close reading, mastering rhetorical devices, and making an argument. It’s not just the discipline of writing or applying critical theory that underscore Ledwell-Hunt’s fibre art. She also finds cause to connect her pursuit of macrame (a typically feminized and dismissed craft or hobby) with a feminist practice of celebrating women’s work.

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Copyright Janis Ledwell-Hunt
Copyright Janis Ledwell-Hunt