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Leonardo and ArteMorbida

Italiano (Italian)

translation by Chiara Cordoni

Someone might ask: how and what does Leonardo’s genius have to do with us? I think it has everything to do with us…

An important anniversary, 500 years from his death and everywhere in Italy there are celebrations and exhibitions, his artworks, his discoveries are now remembered by everyone. We would like to commemorate him by talking about his

“Leonardo’s knots”

Let me explain: it is a continuous line that forms a circular pattern made by multiple woven designs invented by Leonardo, at its base it has a cross of Saint Andrew, patron saint of Vinci, combined with the symbol of infinity: a place, its nature, science merge, it is not only a decoration but a reference to the homonymous red willows characteristic of Leonardo’s country of origin. Those flexible twigs used to weave baskets or tie vines, provided an idea for the knot that later became the Emblem of the Academia Vinciana.

Dama con l’ermellino

Sala delle Asse del Castello Sforzesco

Leonardo painted the knots already on the edge of the dress of the Lady with an Ermine (Dama con l’ermellino), dated 1490, and repeated it in the vaulted fresco of the Sala delle Asse of the Sforzesco Castle, which dates back to 1498.Here Leonardo created a fake arbor, formed by the branches of sixteen trees in bloom, intertwining.The design of that motif is often repeated in his paintings, and figuresalso in frescoes, embroidery, fabrics, leather, weapons and jewels, so much so as to launch a trend at the Court of Milan.

At the end of the fifteenth century, the design of the “vinci” was also taken up in a motif of Venetian velvets which still nowadays preserve that tradition distant in time by using frames of the ‘700, restored and functioning.

Nodi Vinciani – Laura Armiraglio

In 2012 Laura Armiraglio presented her “NODI VINCIANI” (Leonardo’s knots) in the international competition promoted by Quilt Italia on the occasion of the Creattiva Fair in Bergamo, Italy, winning the 1st price for best quilting and “Best of the Show”.

I lavori di Tiziana Rossi Colaneri premiati ad Anghiari

I lavori di Tiziana Rossi Colaneri premiati ad Anghiari

This year in Anghiari (Arezzo) the first international competition was launched promoted by the Cultural Association “Il tombolo di Anghiari”. Competition for lacemakers, in particular those who dedicate themselves to bobbin lace, a textile art as old as mankind. The theme this year was “Leonardo’s knots in female beauty”.

Many friends of ours practice bobbin embroidery together with quilting, and so we all felt a little involved and proud.

Frascati in the Castelli Romani is the seat of the Associazione dei Fuselli Rossi (Association of Fuselli Rossi), dedicated to the diffusion of the Artof bobbin lace,and Tiziana Rossi Colaneri, itsPresident, was awarded a special mention for her work. She is a patient and passionate artisan, with the perseverance of one of us, a quilter. Aren’t our designs original and inspired by nature when we quilt?