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Swedish Textile Art Traditional Marriage Weavings from Scania

Italiano (Italian)

By Viveka Hansen

Swedish Textile Art is the first book for more than a decade to present some of the best examples of textile art from southern Sweden, small panels that were mostly made for wedding ceremonies.

The 95 textiles from the Khalili Collection illustrated in the sumptuous colour plates of this volume are woven in a variety of techniques, and display the full range of the traditional designs of

Scanian marriage weavings.

The large format in full colour allows the reader to examine the textiles at close hand. The main text by Viveka Hansen is the result of many years of meticulous research, during which time she examined almost 2,000 examples in Swedish museums and other collections.

The author discusses with lively detail the social conditions in Scania and the lives of the weavers, as well as the techniques, designs and materials that they used.

A preface by Professor Khalili and an introduction by Michael Franses highlights the international appeal of Swedish textile art, placing it in a wider context. Full technical analyses of the textiles appear

in the appendices.

This publication is intended to serve both as a dazzling picture book illustrating the finest examples of Swedish textile art and, with its thorough and enjoyable text, as an essential reference work.

This book is a result of a collaboration between the Nour Foundation, Textile and Art Publications and IK Foundation.

About the author

Viveka Hansen StiftelsenInstitutet for Kulturforskning, IK Foundation. An expert in the textile history of Southern Scandanavia, and also author of ‘TextilaKuber&Blixtar – Rölakanetskonst – ochkulturhistoria’, published in 1992.


English language edition published by The Nour Foundation in association with

Textile & Art Publications, London, and IK Foundation, Sweden, February 1996

First edition 2,000 copies

– Large format, 359 x 298 mm

– 248 pages, hardbound in real cloth, with silk ribbon markers and slipcase

– 85,000 word text, with notes and appendices, by Viveka Hansen

– 95 superb full colour plates, 18 full-page colour details, and over 110 other illustrations

– Outstanding high quality colour reproduction, printed on fine German art paper

Sources: https://www.khalilicollections.org/